Academic Weakness OF A Student, Five Characters They Portray

Academic Weakness OF A Student


As a student, one cannot neglect the awareness of strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge of strengths gives confidence but knowing one’s weaknesses helps deal with them and find ways to overcome them. Not only that but knowing their weaknesses helps students develop their strengths to be more successful.

Therefore no student should have his weakness as a bitter trait of personality. But they must take their weaknesses as stepping stones to happiness. Some weaknesses of the students are presented here that are part of everyone’s life. For that reason, students often take help from higher business management assignments help to overcome their weaknesses.

Academic Weakness OF A Student, Five Characters They Portray:

Every student has his own weaknesses. But some conditions that are common in university students are; peer pressure, lack of zeal, unorganized, and procrastination. The academic services understand these shortcomings of students. Therefore best assignment writing services are aiding students in their academic tasks as the path to success was through education and good grades(thesis writing help, 2020)


It is never handy for students at such a young age to stay organized. Their age fails to make the judgment that lack of organization in tasks creates more work for students. For example, when a student immediately looks for the book he needs, he will have to pass through the tedious task of searching for an extended period of time. It further leads to poor time management. This weakness can be overcome by following steps.

  • Make a plan to get things in order.
  • Give a color label to each subject and place them in order.
  • Always clean your desktop and folders.
  • Create a routine for a specific daily routine and follow it regularly
  • Break down your daily activities and assign specific times for each activity

The action of postponing some action is called procrastination. Procrastination is common among college students as it is a part of everyday life. Each student almost consciously postpones his work until the last time.

For example, they think that when schoolchildren have summer holidays, they also have homework. But not all students try to prepare these tasks from the start of vacation, instead putting them off at the last moment, which leads to last-minute panics. Therefore, procrastination is a weakness that every student should avoid. Techniques to help students avoid procrastination due to the difficulties experienced during pre-school, primary school, secondary school, high school, university, and in general (Fırat, 2021)are as follows.

  • Making a plan and sticking to it.
  • Prioritize which action comes first.
  • Don’t have fun until the completion of homework.
  • Complete tasks as soon as received

Not just students, but everyone gets distracted for one reason or another. However, students are easily distracted due to their shorter span of attention. Most students get distracted while walking to school, daydreaming, talking to friends, or watching other people. Distraction, which is more common in college students, causes them to fail academically, leading to a gradual decline in their academic grades.

Furthermore, maintaining focus requires self-reflection. Those who fail to recognize this fact are suffering from self-criticism. This is responsible for building a weak personality. Self-criticism is a weakness and it can lead to a lack of focus which is another weakness as well.

Here are some ways to help students avoid distractions

  • Focus and try to focus. Daily meditation helps students stay focused.
  • With short attention spans, students can break the program into short chunks and learn accordingly.
  • Exercise to stay focused.

Not everyone is smart enough to notice peer pressure. For young minds like students, it is never easy to run away from these issues. Everyone has to face Peer pressure at some point in their lives. One can deal with this if one thinks about how one feels about oneself and the place in the world. It is an important duty for parents to understand the value of peers to students and to remember that peer pressure can sometimes have a positive impact. Although greater peer influence is an essential part of development in the life of a student, here are some traits that make a student more vulnerable to peer pressure are

  • Negative self-image
  • Lack self-confidence
  • Lack of personal interest
  • Isolation from partners or family members
  • Poor academic skills.
  • Fear of peers
  • Lack of strong relationships with friends.
  • Random bullying at school


  • Talking to the best friends about a possible match openly and honestly. Communicating the effects of peer pressure on personality can lead to solutions to the problem.
  • Learn to say “no” by making friends understand the situation.
  • Thinking about the goals and how they relate to the present can help the students clarify their interests, activities, and needs. It will surely bring freedom from peer pressure.
  • Choice of the circle should be done wisely. It calms down the situation to a great extent.

Student life is full of multiple thoughts that keep bothering them. Even adults have to face many weaknesses. These weaknesses keep students from performing optimally. Sometimes these are fears that keep them off track and overwhelmed with anxiety and apprehensions.

Most students are very good at English, but they do poorly in subjects like math. This is the clearest example of a lack of enthusiasm and zeal and the main reason for bad grades. But it can be improved through the following measures that help increase student interest.

  • Understand the topic that students are having difficulty finding interest in and help them learn in a fun way.
  • Rewarding oneself every time just after the task is done.
  • Keep students motivated when they are feeling overwhelmed.


Academic weaknesses are those hurdles that a student faces during his learning journey. These can be associated with the personal skills, experiences, knowledge, or character traits of a student. These weaknesses are what make us humans. So it is better for students to treat them to improve their potentiality of character.