X Spaces might get video integration, allowing you to turn your camera during conversations

After Elon Musk retained the Spaces feature upon rebranding the social media platform to X, the platform has been evolving, aiming to encompass a multitude of functions, transforming into an “everything app.”

Recent indications from an iOS update for X suggest an imminent addition of video capabilities to Spaces, although a precise release date remains undisclosed.

Presently, Spaces facilitates live audio discussions on X for iOS and Android users, restricting web users to a listening role only.

The anticipated video inclusion within Spaces signifies a shift from its current audio-centric model to a more comprehensive platform, blending both audio and video and aligning its functionality with popular video conferencing tools such as Google Meet and Zoom.

Spaces allow public access for listening, supporting up to 13 simultaneous speakers, including a host and two co-hosts.
Initiating a Space involves actions like enabling mic access, scheduling discussions, inviting participants, and starting conversations from the Home timeline or the Spaces tab.

This speculated integration aims to render interactions more engaging and adaptable for diverse purposes, from professional meetings to casual conversations among friends.

The introduction of this feature sets X’s Spaces on a trajectory to become an all-in-one communication hub, consolidating various functionalities within the social media app, and potentially altering the landscape of digital interaction within the platform.

Source: https://www.phonearena.com/news/X-Spaces-might-get-video-integration-allowing-you-to-turn-your-camera-during-conversations_id153044

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