Clues and Solutions for ‘Quordle’ on Thursday, November 30th.

Today’s Quordle hints and answers for November 30 are provided in the article, assisting players in solving the daily word puzzle.


– **Quordle Instructions and Gameplay:
– Players are given four five-letter words to guess with nine attempts to find them.
– Correctly placed letters are highlighted in green, while correct letters in the wrong position are marked in yellow.
– Practice games are available for practice before tackling the daily puzzle.

November 30 Quordle Hints:

– Word 1: Hint refers to ‘stroll’ or ‘wander.’
– Word 2: Clue suggests a plant with a thorny stem or a type of tobacco pipe.
– Word 3: Points to an allotted place for a ship at a wharf or dock.
– Word 4: Indicates ‘approximately’ or a type of 180-degree turn in the military.

November 30 Quordle Answers:

– Words revealed are: AMBLE, BRIAR, BERTH, ABOUT.

Background on Curtis Priem:

– Co-founder of Nvidia who donated significantly to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).
– Gave $275 million to RPI since 2001, contributing 40% of their total gifts during that time.
– Known for his substantial financial contributions to RPI’s development and technology initiatives.

Priem’s Personal Journey:

– Once held a significant stake in Nvidia but donated most shares to a charitable foundation.
– Lives modestly off the grid despite his potential worth if he retained Nvidia shares.
– Experienced personal challenges, including a litigious divorce, and shifted focus to philanthropy, particularly in education.

Impacts and Initiatives:

– Instrumental in RPI’s advancements, including funding for a quantum computer, making RPI a pioneering university in quantum computing.
– Plans to wind down his family foundation after several substantial initiatives at RPI, including the quantum computer project.

Future Endeavors:

– Despite significant contributions, unsure if funds will last until the projected wind-down period of 2031 for his family foundation.
– Continues to support RPI and plans to retire when the foundation’s funds are depleted.

The article provides insights into the Quordle game, Curtis Priem’s philanthropy, and his impact on RPI’s technological advancements. It showcases Priem’s journey from a successful business career to prioritizing philanthropy and supporting educational initiatives.

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