The best video game podcasts: stay informed

The best video game podcasts: stay informed

Playing is not the only activity that will show your love for video games. It is essential to be aware of the latest in the industry, as it will allow you to know what the premieres are —in addition to the main titles—, how the next installments are evolving or what main themes are currently moving. And one of the best ways to do this is to listen to video game podcasts , something that you can alternate with another activity, which is really comfortable.

It is true that reading and scrolling in the main media can take time that you are not willing to invest , but in this way you will be able to know everything about your favorite hobby. We show you a wide selection below so you can choose the one that best suits you

Video game podcast recommendations

Vandal Radio

It is a radio program that is broadcast every Friday and mainly covers current affairs not only through news and debates, but also with analysis and interviews with prominent personalities in the sector. It is an ideal alternative to keep abreast of the latest and to learn about the hottest topics in the sector. It is available on both ivoox and iTunes.

Quick Save

It is a news website and a radio program that is supported by its Patreon. They not only cover current affairs, but also make thematic editions in which they go through the history, narrative and lore of the same video game or saga. It is a daily program whose duration is not estimated: there are programs of 30 minutes and others of 2 hours. It’s available on all podcast platforms, including the new Google Podcast. It has 6 subprograms that cover different branches: news, retro, the future of consoles, debates and indie games.

revival territory

It’s a show that isn’t primarily focused on video games, but they spend a lot of time talking about it. The main theme is nostalgia and everything revolves around that: series, board games, video games, anime, comics, trinkets… It’s ideal for those born in the 90s, as it works as a nice reminder of their childhood. It is available on Twitch, Spotify, iVoox and Apple Podcast.

Mana Reserve

The main topic of this podcast is video games, but they don’t hesitate to talk about manga, anime, movies, series and comics and even interweave the products that have been exploited by different platforms. It is sustained through crowdfunding. The program is weekly, but it is complemented with others specific to each theme. They stand out for the freshness and depth with which they deal with each issue, focusing on a general approach rather than a specific one. You can find it on Apple podcast, Player FM, Spotify and on its own website.

The Pluto Battalion

It is one of the longest-running programs and with a wide group of collaborators that covers all aspects of the video game . Weekly, it is maintained thanks to the support of its listeners, who also have access to exclusive content. They also have written reviews and even have several published books on video game theory. They also cover very technical topics but with an informative tone. It can be heard on Ivoox and the Apple podcast.

nintendo archeology

It is a podcast focused on the wonderful years of Nintendo : they talk about their classic works, consoles, forgotten titles… and everything, with a focus on nostalgia and the disclosure of the lesser known of the early days of the Japanese company . It is weekly and can be heard on Ivoox and the Apple podcast.


A new episode is available every Thursday at 8am on Ivoox, iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcast. Some weeks they redouble content making direct from Twitch. It is exclusively about video games and they talk about current affairs, do analyzes and debate tables about the hottest topics. It is sustained thanks to its Patreon.

sound pixel

If you are a true lover of video game music, this program is made for you! In it, they deal in depth with the sound aspects of video games and their influence on identity, history and gameplay . It is a very different podcast from the ones we are used to and it survives thanks to its Ko-fi.


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