What Is Concept Art and Why Is It Important?

What Is Concept Art and Why Is It Important?

Nowadays no movies or video games are created without concept drawings. It is necessary to understand how characters, animals, creatures, scenes, and objects will have to look. Moreover, their location in the scene also plays a great role because it decides what the viewer will focus on. This article covers aspects of concept art services the different video game art outsourcing studios offer.

What Is Concept Art?

This kind of technique is usually created before the main project has started. Illustrators create a bunch of models that will later be used in the movie or video game. They also create an environment, which is not that detailed and unplayable. Concept allows people to see the end result. If there are some unnecessary or unsuitable things, the areas will be highlighted by the director. In that case, designers will have to remake the scene and apply the changes.

How Many Branches Are There?

Firstly, there can be multiple concept illustrators, or just one. The final decision for the staff lies with the 2D or 3D art company. The most popular branches are:

  • Environmental conceptualists. Such people create backgrounds and scene drawings. They combine all the available data into one picture and allow directors to see how everything is going to look like.
  • Character designers. Such artists create a few drawings of a hero or any other character. Usually, they make them in different poses and outfits. It is also essential to make proper face details, so it might take more than a day to complete the task.
  • Creatures drawing. Alongside character visualization, there are also creature creations. Often one illustrator is responsible for both characters and beasts. Details of animals, such as wings, paws, or any other task-related parts should be combined so the team understands the upcoming modeling process.

Despite the number of branches, one illustrator can also be proficient in all of the styles.

Are Mobile Gaming Art Concepts Different?

The process of creating mobile game graphics does not differ, compared to PC or consoles. Sometimes there are designers who have narrow specialization, and 3d art companies often work with them. For instance, instead of doing all kinds of environments, such people can be professionals in creating sea landscapes and ships. Or their specialization can be a creation of space shuttles concepts.

Studios Efficiency

If you are not happy with a result, you can always indicate the parts of the picture that you do not like. Illustration agencies will swiftly correct everything you need. If you want to work as a concept artist, you need to share your best works and add them to your portfolio. The more professional it will look, the more chances you get to work with a team who shares the same interests.


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