These are the news of the latest Clash Royale patch

Clash Royale patch

Autumn is the time for beginnings, returning to the gym, intense study, series premieres, preparation for the end of the year… It is, in short, one of the most important times for everyone. And Supercell has also wanted to do their homework and has prepared the release of the most powerful and biggest patch of the year , which will not only come with a new repertoire of cards, but also the competitive mode The Path of Legends, a more intuitive deck builder, more king levels and alterations to the current trophy path.

Are you one of those who do not stop playing? Don’t worry, we are going to summarize all the information below so that you can read it in one go.

This is the new update of Clash Royale

The cards of The Monk and The Phoenix in Clash Royale

The Monk is one of the new items and comes from the Shrine of Silence arena, where you can play it and unlock it when you get 6,500 trophies . This card performs a 3-hit combo with the last one displacing enemies and doing extra damage to teammates it collides with. His secret ability is contemplative protection, which allows him to protect himself and his companions who are next to him.

The other great inclusion is The Phoenix, a legendary card that flies and whose attacks are melee. When it dies, it burns and deals area damage that affects both enemies and structures, and also turns into an egg that resurrects if it is not destroyed in time. Of course, this ability is only done once per card, it is not infinite.

Path of Legends, the new competitive mode

The trophy path will restore your rankeds . Now there will be a total of 10 leagues in which the best players will compete. To participate in it you will need to reach arena 15 and get 5,000 trophies. In each of the divisions, a maximum level of cards and power will be established.

In each confrontation you will be on a step, with two different types: stone and gold. If you are in the stone one and lose, it will break and you will go back to the previous level. As for the gold ones, even losing, you will continue in the same place. By the way: when moving up to a league no matter what you lose, it will not be possible to go down to the previous one.

Wins and losses will be important, especially in the final Champions League, which starts from Masters II (the fifth). As long as you make it to the top 10,000 on the server, you’ll get a rank. The rank will reset every time the season ends and depending on how you finish it, you will receive a multiplier. Remember, it is not only important to finish as high as possible to make your task easier in the next campaign, you will receive better gifts the higher you are!

Major Changes to Trophy Path

From this new season, The Trophy Path will end when you get the not insignificant figure of 7,500 , although it will not restart and you will be able to continue competing in new arenas (there are 6 more with different chests) and receiving more rewards without fear of losing trophies, since that when reaching the maximum the counter is paralyzed. The more difficult and higher the arena, the better what you will receive.

Some arenas may have portals of levels : to enter them, we will need a minimum of experience and increase the level of the king. You will not be able to return to the previous arenas, so the path is only uphill.

When you reach 5,500 trophies you will be able to unlock new champions, specifically in The Executioner’s Kitchen, in the Royal Crypt and in the Shrine of Silence , where the king’s level will be 33, 36 and 39, respectively. Speaking of which, the level of the king will not be affected by the level of the crown towers and its maximum will now be 50, while that of the towers will be 14.

Other minor changes in the new season of Clash Royale

  • The new deck builder will allow you to get better compositions by showing you which cards are the most popular and giving you a series of tips based on the level of your cards.
  • During the new season, 3 daily tasks will be released. By completing them, you receive an extra bonus, as well as when completing all the missions of the week.
  • A new skin has been added, known as the piggy bank, which will show up in your lobby and give you extra money and gems when you win. You can choose to break said piggy bank and get the rewards it contains inside.

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