The jobs of the villagers and their functions in Minecraft

The jobs of the villagers and their functions in Minecraft

Villagers are one of the few NPCs you can find in Minecraft and they generally live in villages. He is a character that you can interact with, that can be reproduced and with whom you can trade, offering you a series of unique objects in exchange for emeralds. But not only that, but they also have different jobs, each with a specific function . Don’t you know them all? We tell you so that you do not miss any game data.

Note that for a villager to spawn in a village, there will need to be houses with beds and loot. Biomes that meet these requirements are plains, snowy plains, savannas, deserts, taigas, snowy taigas, swamps, and jungles. Also, depending on where he appears he will have one aspect or another. If you have found the town from scratch, the villagers will not have a job and you will be the one to choose which one it will be .

These have up to 8 slots in their inventory to pick up items , though you can only get the following: bread, carrots, potatoes, wheat, beets, beet seeds, and armor, which can actually be equipped. You will be able to interact with them and, in fact, if you have a good relationship, everything they sell you will be at a lower price. Apart from the relationship, there are other aspects of the villagers regarding his job: on his hip he will wear a belt that will show his level of experience: the bigger he is, the more items he can exchange with you.

Minecraft Villager Job List

In order for one of the citizens of your town to find a job, you will need to put the job in a place without obstacles . These will go to the one closest to them and, by interacting with them, they will begin to fulfill that role.


His job is a stonecutter and he offers you all kinds of resources to build, be it brick, chiseled stone bricks, some of the polished stones, glazed terracotta, quartz block or quartz pillar.


His job is the barrel and he will be in charge of getting all kinds of fish and even an enchanted fishing rod. The dishes or fish that you can buy in exchange for emeralds are: campfires, cooked cod, bucket of cod and cooked salmon.


You’ll see it in the Sharpeners , crafting all kinds of diamond and iron materials, such as the Enchanted Iron or Diamond Axe, the Enchanted Iron or Diamond Sword, and the Bell.


Work in a cauldron and it will be able to sell you almost anything made of leather or cloth, such as pants, tunics, caps, boots, horse armor and saddles.


You will find it near the lecterns and its function is to craft furniture and elements to enchant, such as shelves, enchanted books, flashlights, glasses, compasses, clocks, identification tags, ink, paper…


The place where he works is the loom , where he will craft scissors, wool, rugs, beds, banners or paintings, which you can buy in exchange for emeralds.


His job is a smoker , in which he will create all kinds of food: meats, stew, blocks of dried seaweed, sweet berries…

armor smith

His job is the blast furnace , where he will craft helmets, breastplates, greaves, boots, and shields, which we can buy in exchange for emeralds.


You will find it in the blacksmith tables and, as expected, it will sell you all the tools you farm with: stones, pickaxes, shovels, hoes, bells, axes…


Work, how could it be otherwise, at the cartographer’s table , where you will make maps that we will have to use to explore the world and find essential points of interest for the progress of our adventure.


You will need to have an alchemy table nearby for a cleric to appear, whose main function will be to obtain important items with which to make potions, such as ender pearls, redstones, enchanting resources, potions or boosters from our team.


He works at the arrow table and, as his name suggests, he is in charge of crafting weapons and projectiles such as bows, crossbows, arrows, flint, enchanted arrows, enchanted bows, and enchanted crossbows.


It is essential to put a composter nearby for it to become this job. It is very comfortable to have several in the village since you will have a lot of fresh food in exchange for some emeralds, saving you a lot of farming work.


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