What’s New in Minecraft’s ‘The Wild’ Patch

What's New in Minecraft's 'The Wild' Patch

The secret of the success of Minecraft is that, in addition to being a formula that has been able to perfectly exploit all the content of the game, its developer has seen fit to constantly take care of it and add more content. The latest patch to be released has been ‘The Wild’, which lands for free with several pleasant new features for both versions of the game , Java and Bedrock.

The update will bring new biomes , including hitherto unknown monsters, blocks, and buildings. You may have missed some of the advertised content, so we’ve put together a guide that covers not only everything that’s been added to the game, but what its features are, where you can find it, and what uses it has. We summarize everything below.

Everything that includes the patch ‘The Wild’ in Minecraft

The new biomes of ‘The Wild’ in Minecraft

Deep Darkness and Mangrove Swamps are the two natural areas that are incorporated into the existing ones. The first one will always be found under the ground and it will be very difficult to discover, since it will take a lot of resources or time to find it, given that between the surface and its position there will be a huge number of blocks. The second can appear almost anywhere and stands out for its trees with large plants and deep roots around which blocks of mud grow.

The new blocks of ‘The Wild’ in Minecraft

There are several types of blocks that have been added, although the one that stands out the most is the Sculk , which is generated in the Deep Dark. It will be easy to identify, as it gives off an animated aura and grows under a corpse around a catalyst. With it you can craft various tools:

  • Sculk Catalyst: With this material on the ground, blocks of Sculk will grow for each mob killed, although their amount varies depending on the experience they give. Unlike the previous one, it emits light and particles of the bug’s soul emanate from it.
  • Sculk Screamer – Activates when a catalyst is nearby. If someone walks past him quickly, he makes some noises. The third time it sounds, it attracts several monsters, among which are the guardians, who are the most dangerous.
  • Sculk Vein – It’s like a snow cap, but from sculk.
  • Sculk Sensor: Emits sounds when it detects vibrations 9 blocks away.

The other most striking block in the update is the ranalight , which forms naturally when a frog eats a magma cube. Their use is simply aesthetic, since they are used to emit light in different shades.

The new creatures of ‘The Wild’

This latest patch has increased the fauna of the game by three new critters:

  • Frogs , which grow from tadpoles and have three variants depending on the time of the area. At the moment they have no use, although it is possible that they will be added soon. They drop different types of ranalight to change the color they emit.
  • Allay , the concept of which was devised long ago. It is a neutral animal that will look around for more units of the material or object you give it. If it dies naturally, you’ll be able to pick up what it had. He drops everything he has when he gets close to a music block that played 30 seconds before he passed by. You will see it in the prisons in the forest mansions and the cages in the raider outposts.
  • Guardian , exclusive to the Deep Dark and emerging from the ground when shriekers sound. They are blind, but they can detect you through their sense of smell or vibrations in the environment (hence the sculk sensors).

The new locations of ‘The Wild’

The ancient city is the great structure added in this patch. It grows at coordinate y=-52 in the Deep Dark biome. It is a large construction made of slate and basalt blocks and its atmosphere is gloomy, greatly accentuated by its decoration based on sand, fire and soul lanterns as well as candles and skeleton caravels. Inside there are loot chests with very exclusive rewards, such as skills and mechanics that could not be looted until now .

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