Autumn agenda 2022: the animes you should not miss

the animes you should not miss

The 2022 calendar in terms of anime is being a real success. The second part of the end of Shingeki no Kyojin , Spy x Family , Ao Ashi , the fourth season of Overlord … In short, a non-stop success that makes the year more bearable. And the best of all is that the incessant trickle of good works has not yet ended , because what is coming in the fall complements and improves everything seen so far.

If you are one of those who do not plan to miss anything that is coming, do not worry: in this guide we will show you the next releases so that you can enjoy them at your own time without risking eating spoilers .

List of anime premiering in fall 2022

Chainsaw Man

His manga has been an unprecedented success , so the premiere of his anime has generated a lot of expectation. The action, the intriguing plot and the quality of the drawing are the main characteristics to highlight in its cover letter, to which the charisma of its protagonists should be added. One of the most talented demon hunters on the planet is out to get his revenge on him…and his adventures will kick off sometime this fall!

Mob Psyco 100 Season 3

After so many years of waiting, the outcome of a series that has marked an era is here . It stands out mainly for its particular sense of humor and with somewhat particular powers, in addition to its animation style, which may seem mediocre but is drawn to perfection. It has been one of the great announcements of the year… and it is not for less, after the end of a second season where the anime reached the pinnacle of the plot.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

The sequel that we all needed after that spectacular ending of Bleach that left us with a bad taste in our mouths after not tying up all the loose ends. After almost 10 years without completing the series, his fanbase will have what he needed so much. The worst thing that the studio in charge of animating it, Studio Pierrot, has to face are the high expectations generated: after so much time we want a closure to match.

Sixth season of Boku no Hero

The level of the previous campaign was the lowest in the entire series, but even so, there is every reason to believe that it was a simple slip and that the best is yet to come . And beware, because its end may be closer than we think, since this season will supposedly cover the arc of the paranormal liberation war and a brief introduction to the anime’s outcome. There is a desire to see Deku, Bakugo and company again.


Paranormal Events and Psychological Horror . Junji Ito is an author with a recognizable style, both narratively and graphically. And after many successes as a best-selling scary manga, Uzumaki debuts in the anime format while maintaining its peculiar black and white drawing. It is not a mainstream series , but its creator has a niche audience that, thanks to his loyalty, has led him to stardom.


Soccer seems to be experiencing a sweet year in the world of anime after the premiere of Ao Ashi and the future release of Bluelock , which promises to be more realistic than the previous one, aspiring to become the new Haikyuu . Not since Captain Tsubasa have we had a soccer series that had such an impact and the truth is that this manga has managed to arouse the curiosity of the sport in a new generation of young people.

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku

It didn’t need an anime to become popular. This rare bird promises to emulate the success of his manga and who better than Mappa to do so. It will tell the story of a ninja who, invaded by emptiness and reluctance, decides to commit crimes in order to be executed. He has so much power that he is unable to die with these methods, something that catches the attention of a person, who tasks him with finding the elixir of immortality.


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