Fall Guys, back to fame after its free-to-play conversion

Summer of 2020 was a sensational year for the video game industry, which has become the main entertainment in a world doomed to isolation and to change its forms of entertainment. In this context, titles like Fall Guys or Among Us became real hits , driven by the increasingly followed Twitch platform and its content creators. But both suffered from the same problem: their fame was short-lived and what one day was non-stop soon became just another title.

2 years later, Mediatonic is ready to recover all the lost ground. The formula of the game managed to turn around the general vision of battle royale and, aware that the foundations worked, they have found a way to return to what they once were: not only have they expanded the platforms on which the title is available, with its arrival in the Xbox and Switch catalog, but the game will become free-to-play . And to no one’s surprise, it will have both cross-play and shared progress , so you can link your accounts to Epic Games and thus have all your accessories and coins.

It is not the only thing that has changed. Now that their only method of funding is in-game micropayments , they have altered the nature of many of their currencies, and the battle pass has focused on prompting these purchases.

All the news of Fall Guys after becoming free

Is Switch Online, PS Plus, or Gold required to play Fall Guys ?

It is a very widespread question these days, especially considering that most console games require the subscription service to play online . But as with other titles like Fortnite, you won’t need to be a subscriber to enjoy it .

Is Fall Guys a game suitable for children?

If you are a parent looking for answers, here we give them to you! We are facing a title without any violent mechanics. The tests consist of small mini-games in which you will have to dodge obstacles, run on unstable surfaces or practice various types of sports. All tests are taken from popular games , of which only some details are changed.

And if I bought Fall Guys , what do I do now?

All those who previously purchased Fall Guys will now receive the Legacy Pack as compensation , which includes:

  • a unique nickname,
  • a name plate
  • Skins for Regalian, Vegan Hot Dog, and Warlike Dwarf
  • The season pass for the first campaign

Can Fall Guys be played on shared screen?

This is something that has remained the same from the beginning: it is a title focused on multiplayer, but it can only be enjoyed by one user per device . It will probably stay that way forever.

This is how the Fall Guys battle pass works

Until now, there was only one type of battle pass, which will now be forked: a free one and a paid one (costs 950 beans), which will have better rewards . Both routes will have 50 levels, in which each level will give you a different prize, being able to obtain a maximum of 1500 beans in the premium. To level up you have to accumulate fame, which is achieved by playing and winning games as well as completing daily, weekly and event challenges.

The battle pass will include several of the currencies that the game has. In addition to the aforementioned, there will also be the commendations , which are used to redeem cosmetics, colors, plates and nicknames in the store.

What are crown ranks and what are they for?

In addition to the battle pass levels, we also find the crown ranks. These are not linked so much to the number of games you play, but to your success in them. It works as a kind of prestige that measures the user’s performance and skill level .

Crown rank is increased by purchasing crowns after matches or by completing crown shards (collecting 60 will turn into a crown). The maximum crown rank is 54: to get there you have to farm 4,500 crowns in total, a fairly high figure that will force you to win many games.

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