Immortals Fenyx Rising Complete Guide

The Ultimate and Complete Guide to Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising has fallen into grace. Since its launch, it didn’t take long to find a place for itself in the community, who appreciated its excellent open world, its graphics, its combat system, its aesthetics, and the excellent story related to Greek mythology. It is very reminiscent, saving the distances, of Genshin Impact , so if you have not yet been encouraged to try it, we recommend you do so: and we leave you a guide to squeeze it 100%.

It is a cross-platform game that is available for the new and old generation . Whether you’re on PS4 or PS5, Xbox One or Series X/S, PC or Nintendo Switch, there’s a version for you.

The Ultimate and Complete Guide to Immortals Fenyx Rising

Historia de Immortals Fenyx Rising 

The title recounts the adventures of Zeus and Prometheus, who are looking for an ally to put an end to the god Typhoon, the last of Gaia’s sons, who has stripped most of the members of Olympus of their powers and has turned the Olympus into stone. humans. And the candidate turns out to be a simple mortal, Fenyx, who ends up shipwrecked in the things of Isla Áurea.

The main story has 26 missions , spread across all corners of the map, and there is an endgame that will allow you to continue enjoying the content of the game, especially thanks to its secondary missions, with which you will obtain exclusive items and other objects to enhance your character.

All types of chests from Immortals Fenyx Rising

During your adventure on the map, you can find up to 4 types of chest:

  • Common , easy to find because they are in visible places, but with more basic rewards.
  • Epics , which are more hidden and offer better prizes.
  • Nocturnes , which can only be opened at night and contain Midnight Shards, essential for the Divine Providence Helm and Armor.
  • Guarded , which to open them will force you to kill the enemies that surround it and they will always give you new weapons and red, blue and yellow adamantines.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Best Weapons

The protagonist will be able to use different types of weapons, mainly swords, axes and bows and arrows. If you want to choose the best, we will make a series of recommendations.

As for bows, you should prioritize:

  • Tempered Odysseus’ Bow , which is obtained as part of the story and gives you a bonus of 30% extra damage when you have full health and 80% regeneration of a health block for each
  • Infestation , which you will get by opening a guarded chest in the Grove of Kleos, and gives you an extra 26% damage with the first 3 arrows and a 40% chance to refill 3 arrows with each
  • Poison , which appears in Guarded Chest 1 in King’s Peak and gives you 28% extra damage and +30 to combo meter, plus an extra +5 on a headshot.

When it comes to swords, the best ones are:

  • Tempered Achilles Sword , which is obtained in the main story and gives you 30% sword combo damage when at full health and restores 80% of a health block when parrying.
  • Triumph , which you will find in a guarded chest in the Warden and grants you an extra 30% damage for 6 seconds when parrying and allows you to create 2 orbs of resistance that will defend you from 2 hits.
  • Helios’s Radiance, which you will get by opening a guarded chest in the Grove of Kleos and which stands out for giving you an extra 28% damage when doing the Powerful Blow finisher and a +30 Combo points, as well as an extra +4 if you do a parry

Finally, the best axes are:

  • Tempered Atlanta Ax , which is earned in the main story and gives you an extra 30% ax combo when at full health and restores a full block on a perfect block
  • Forbidden Labrys , which opens from a guarded chest in the Valley of Eternal Spring and gives you an extra 52% damage for 6 seconds after making a perfect block and an extra 50% stun when making a counter
  • Mythic Watcher’s Ax , given to you by completing the Funeral Rites task and deals 39% havoc damage when hitting stunned enemies.

Immortals Fenyx Rising best armor and helms

Having good weapons is just as important as being well protected. That’s why we’re going to offer the best selection of helmets and armor in the game. Of the first, we could highlight:

  • Proud One-Eyed Giant’s Helm, which is in an epic chest in The Rocky Reefs and gives you an extra 20% damage against unique enemies and an extra 30% chance to stun unique enemies.
  • Soldier’s Courage Helm , which opens from an epic chest in the Rocky Reefs and will give you 10% sword damage and 20% bonus resistance on a sword swing.
  • Horns of Daytime Revel , which is obtained from a King’s Peak Epic Chest and grants you 11% damage and 20% stun with a full stamina bar.
  • Bristly Autumnal Helm, which is obtained from an epic chest in the Valley of Eternal Spring and gives you 33% damage with finishing moves and 30% more stun when performing a combo.

As for the best armor, we find:

  • Soldier’s Charge Breastplate, found in an epic chest in the War Lair, gives you an extra block of stamina and a 10% reduction in ongoing stamina consumption.
  • Bristly Winterskin , which is obtained from an Earthforge epic chest and gives you 7% Block Restoration on combos and +2 on Finishers.
  • Coat of the Downed Stag , which you will get from an epic chest in the Valley of Eternal Spring and gives you 24% charge speed with the bow and 3% more combo when making charged shots.
  • Spring Laurel , which you will find in an epic chest in the Valley of Eternal Spring and gives you an extra 18% chance to farm an additional ingredient and +3 to your combo meter when consuming a potion.
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