Best Naruto PPSSPP Game Recommendations

Best Naruto PPSSPP Game Recommendations

PPSSPP itself is a playstation emulator that can be played on various devices. Starting from computers, laptops to android. This emulator can be the right medium for anyone who wants to play this game. Here are some recommendations for the best Naruto PPSSPP games, including:

1. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2

This game includes a series port of Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 but was developed with additional innovations. This series comes with a new collection of stories entitled Mugen Castle. The main character, Naruto, is told to explore a palace inhabited by Mugen Castle.

Each player has a mission that is to enter the castle and defeat Mugen Castle. To be able to complete this mission, players can activate the Hidden Mugen Castel mode. Coupled with the activity of using Jiraiya’s character.

2. Narutimate Accel 3

This PPSSPP Naruto game is one of the best episodes presented. In it has a story about the journey of Naruto and Jiraiya who travel to return to their hometown.

This game has a fairly large size so you have to prepare large capacity storage as well. However, to save storage space, you can download the CSO version because it has a smaller size.

3. Ultimate Ninja Impact

This PPSSPP Naruto game is also very interesting to play. In it is presented a storyline and an exciting game for every player. Not only that, but there are also many characters with long storylines so you can get an exciting experience.

Interestingly, this game is also equipped with 3D graphics. This provides an increasingly real sensation for players when fighting the Akatsuki clan. Then the advanced features available can also be used to win the battle.

4. Legends Akatsuki Rising

For this game, it is very appropriate to be an option for those who want to save storage space on their cellphones or for those who have devices with low specifications. This is because Legend Akatsuki Rising has the smallest playable ISO file size.

As the name implies, this game takes the Akatsuki storyline. Akatsuki itself is a threat to Konoha. Each player must be able to face many enemies such as Obito, Deidara, and many more.  

5. Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Drive

This PPSSPP Naruto game is also worth a try to fill your spare time. Even though it has a gameplay look like other PPSSPP Naruto games, it is no less exciting and interesting of course to play.

This game has a background from the Uzumaki Naruto Chronicle series. Each player will be faced with exciting challenges that must be conquered. Uniquely, each player can also choose an opponent who is at the same level as the player so that the opportunity to win the battle is wide open.

6. Ultimate Ninja Heroes

This PPSSPP Naruto game is suitable for those who want to play Naruto characters when they were little. As is well known that this game focuses on action where there are up to 20 playable characters, including Naruto and several other standout characters.

7. Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3

If previously it only presented 20 characters, in this series the player characters are much more, namely up to 50 characters. Not only that, but also the addition of a new feature for 4 players, a combination of deadly jutsu such as Jiraiya and Naruto’s rasengan.

Then there is an additional story about Naruto who has to stop Shinga, namely the nukenin of Konoha. The Shinga is trying to gather chakra energy from around the world so it must be stopped.

8. Ultimate Ninja Strom 4

This PPSSPP Naruto game is the result of a MOD from a talented Modder. The game contains more than 10 hours of intense combat interspersed with cinematic animation and leads to the conclusion of the saga.

Each player must control and fight many familiar Shinobi from the original Naruto story. This MOD is said to be more complete when compared to the same MOD in the prequel game.

9. Ultimate Ninja Strom 5

This game is a continuation of the previous MOD version. Delivers very good graphics for the class of PSP games. Of course, with MOD Boruto and his friends who have grown up in the face of enemies, making this game even more fun to play.   

There are several new characters that are present according to the latest season of the Boruto anime. In addition, it presents some characters from other Naruto anime that have not appeared in the previous series.

Those are some Naruto PPSSPP games that can be played. Each series presents different characters, storylines, to challenges and missions. Various advanced features available also make it easier for players to complete and win every battle.

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