The 5 Best Adventurer Games to Play

There are at least five interesting games that will be reviewed in this discussion. Each game, of course, has its own details and characteristics. Of course, this section must be well understood so that you can find the game that you want. For more details, see the following recommendations:

1. Sky: Children of The Light

The first recommended game is a game called Sky: Children of The Light. That game company Inc. is the developer of this game. Meanwhile, the release date is April 6 2020, so it has been two years since its existence.

Even though it is still relatively new, this game is already in great demand by many parties. The proof alone, the number of downloads of this game has reached 10 million times. Then the rating is already at the 4.7 star level, which indicates many satisfied users.

Of course this game’s high achievements, not without clear and concrete reasons. The first aspect that attracts many parties is the concept of the game. Players will experience a social adventure in a fun and exciting amusement park.

The features provided by this game are also quite complete. There are 7 dream trip features, mission features, and other features that are certainly interesting to feel and enjoy. The more missions completed, the player can increase their level easily.

2. Adventure Reborn: Adventure

The second best adventurous game that is included in the recommendation is the game Adventure Reborn: Adventure. For this one game, the developer is Dali Games: Adventure Games. This game has been released since July 26, 2021, so you can say it’s a new game.

The number of downloads of this game has reached more than 100 thousand downloads. Many users are satisfied with this game, so the rating reaches 4.5 stars. In addition, this game also has a mini size of around 135 MB, so many people choose it.

The main concept of this game is adventure with interesting mysteries. Besides that, the adventure stories that are presented are also very exciting, so it’s a shame not to be missed. This aspect is also another reason why many games are chosen.

Even though this game has its own story, players can give choices for each step. The choices made will certainly give different results in the game, so that the excitement you feel will increase.

3. Lucid Dream Adventure: Mystery

The third game option that is also interesting is Lucid Dream Adventure: Mystery. Just like the game in point two, this game was also developed by Dali Games: Adventure Games. But the release was earlier, precisely on April 1, 2019.

For this one game, the concept is much darker and more interesting. Players must look for hidden objects in the space provided. But to complete the process, there are various stories that can become intrigue in the game.

Another advantage of this game is the awards you get. So, this game has won several awards in the game field. Even though the quality of the graphics and others is very capable, this game still provides a small size, which is only around 82 MB.

4. Oddmar

Mobge Ltd has also released an adventure game called Oddmar. This game is on the list of best adventurous games, for many reasons. One side of the main reason is because the concept of the game is very unique and different from other games.

The game’s main setting is in the countryside, while the concept is adapted to Norse mythology. As long as the adventure is carried out, there will be many powers to be found. This, of course, will be useful for the game as a whole.

Since its initial release on January 16 2019 until now, this game has been downloaded up to 1 million downloads. While the game rating reaches 4.6 stars. However, to play this quality game, users must provide 503 MB of space.


The last recommendation to choose from is LIMBO. This game was developed by Playdead and released since February 11, 2015. This game is very popular and has been downloaded 1 million downloads with a rating of 4.8 stars.

The concept of this game is quite dark with a very complex story. So as long as the game lasts, players will experience the game story more realistically. This, of course, will make the game more interesting and unique.

The size of this game is conceptually not too big, which is around 143 MB. So you can be sure the player will not be burdened with its size. However, to be able to play the game, each player must pay around 12 thousand rupiah so that this game can be downloaded.

That’s an explanation of the best adventurous games that you can choose to play. Of course, all games can provide excitement according to the concept. Just try one game at a time to find the most appropriate choice.

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