A Fun Google Game That Trains Brain Skills

A Fun Google Game That Trains Brain Skills

Playing games is an activity that is liked by many people, regardless of age and gender. When you’re bored, Google’s exciting games can be a breath of fresh air to unwind and refresh your brain. Not only an information provider, it turns out that Google also has a lot of games.

Many people think that Google’s games are just dinosaurs that often appear when the internet connection is lost. But actually there are various choices that are very exciting to play. What are the games in question?

1. Are You Feeling Lucky

In accordance with the name of the game in the form of tickling questions, “do you feel lucky?” this game is quite curious. This is an opportunity to hone your knowledge. Because, in this sound-based game there are various questions that are general in nature.

Start with questions about science, general knowledge, social issues, and more. This quiz is fun because there are sound effects. Players can invite four other people to join as well. If you win it, Google will give a prize (gift) to the player.

2. T-Rex Dino Game

The next exciting Google game is probably no longer foreign, because it often appears when the internet is offline. The premise is very simple, where players just need to press the spacebar on the keyboard.

That way, the little dinosaur on the screen will jump to avoid the obstacle. Even though it’s simple, many people like this game. Moreover, the longer the game will be more difficult. Players will feel challenged to be more agile in avoiding obstacles and achieving new records.

3. Snakes

Want to reminisce with iconic games on old Nokia phones? Snake (snake) is one that is worth a try. This game provided by Google invites players to direct the keys on their keyboard to direct the movement of the snake.

Even though it looks easy at first glance, the snake will get longer and more difficult to move. The challenge is how to make the snake get through the winding places. Because, the risk is that the snake actually eats its own body because it is too long. If so, then the player will lose.

4. Quick Draw

For those who like drawing activities, this fun Google game is very interesting to try. This game made by the engineering team at Google gives players time to draw objects for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Players can use the touchpad, mouse, or stylus to draw. After drawing, AI will try to guess what picture it is. Players can test their drawing skills with this Quick Draw.

5. 2048

2048 is a fun Google game for those who like puzzles and numbers. For those who don’t know, 2048 is a number puzzle game. Players are challenged to try to display the available boxes to produce the number 2048.

Besides being fun and intriguing, this game also trains thinking skills as well as rationality. To play it, just type the number 2048 in the Google search field. Then enter the 2048play.co page so you can play it.


Do you like games with mystical and interactive themes? Halloween is the right choice. This game made by Google in 2016 presents an exciting theme with the main character being a cat. This cat character from Magic Cat Academy is tasked with saving his friends from the disturbances of evil spirits.

So, the player’s job is to draw symbols on the screen in order to chase away ghosts. Halloween will be more and more challenging, as it slowly gets harder. The frequency of ghost appearances will be more frequent and numerous so you have to be fast in dealing with them. Just type in “Halloween Google Doodle” to play it.

7. Champion Island Games

Google also provides RPG themed games with attractive classic graphics. This game is suitable for those who like sports-themed games. In this game there are seven mini games. There are skateboarding, marathons, archery, rugby, artistic swimming, rock climbing and table tennis.

Here the player will have his own avatar called Lucky, a cat ninja character. The cat can be moved to dispel various obstacles in front of it. To move and perform actions, players can use the navigation keys and the space bar.

8. Minesweepers

Looking for a more challenging game? Minesweeper is one of them. Because, at first glance, this game looks easy but uses tricks that require skill. Players will be faced with a checkered board. The player’s task is to clear the board.

However, you need to be aware of the existence of bombs hiding in this game. In order to win it, the bomb must be avoided. It requires a careful trick in the form of calculating the occurrence of numbers when selecting fields. That way, players can avoid bombs and win the game.

Those are some choices of Google games that are fun to play in your spare time. With so many options available, users won’t get bored and can practice their skills in various types of games. Besides being entertaining, games can also train speed and sharpness of thinking through simple activities.

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