This Shooting Duck Game is Increasingly Popular, What Are the Advantages?

Shooting Duck Game
  • Run the game. On the main page that contains the game title, users can directly click the screen to continue.
  • Users will see the initial game screen, where the dog character is taking a ready position. After that, the game will start immediately.
  • There are several information such as the number of ducks that must be shot (hit), the value obtained (score), and the number of bullets (shot). Keep track of this section so that you can meet the target at each level.
  • Watch the ceiling in this duck shooting game screen. Not long after, will appear flying ducks. Usually there are two to three in one period. Immediately shoot the duck using the available bullets.
  • If a duck is shot, the white duck sign in the “Hit” menu will turn red. Meanwhile, if it is not successfully shot, the color will remain white. The score will also increase each time the duck is shot.
  • If the player manages to meet a certain number of ducks shot, then the mission is successful. There will be bonuses that can be used for other needs, such as updating the weapon.
  • If it has not succeeded in meeting the target, it will display the words “Mission not completed”. The sign, the player must repeat the level before continuing to the next level.

Cara Download

Previously described a duck shooting game called Duck Hunt. Curious to play it? Players need to download the application first through the Play Store. Here’s information about the app:

Nama Game Duck Hunt
Version 1.0.8
Developer Web 3.0 India
File Size 14 MB
Release June 2021
Android Minimal 4.4
Last Update June 2022
Minimum Age All ages

Based on the information above, this duck shooting game has a small size, only 14 MB so it doesn’t take up much storage space. Here are the steps to download the game:

  • Open the application store on each device, for example Play Store or App Market.
  • In the field provided, type the name Duck Hunt.
  • Once you find the app, hit the green “Install” button to download it.
  • Wait for a moment until the download process is complete. After that the user can immediately open and play the game.

Thus information about the Shooting Duck game whose premise is simple to play. But make no mistake, because the longer the level of difficulty will increase. Challenge yourself to be more agile in catching ducks.


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