What do the colored lights on Alexa mean?

What do the colored lights on Alexa mean?

Since Alexa , the voice assistant created by Amazon in 2014, came into our lives Integrated into Echo devices , it has become another member of the family. We go to her when we want to play music, ask her a question, and even turn on lights and endless tasks that Alexa can do for us through her voice commands.

And her? How does she communicate with us?

If you have any Echo speakers , you will have noticed that, sometimes, a light of a certain color lights up. This is how he speaks to us. Through these color commands our virtual assistant can tell us what state the device is in. But do you know what each Alexa light means ?

Alexa lights meaning

The lights displayed by the Echo device are Alexa’s way of communicating its status. Each color has a meaning that we will explain below. Although in many cases it will be enough for you to ask “Alexa, what does your light mean?” so that she herself clears us of doubts.

Yellow light

When you see the Echo speaker have a yellow light showing in slow bursts every few seconds, it means that Alexa has some message, notification , or reminder for us. In this case you should say: “Alexa, what notifications do I have?” or “Alexa, what messages do I have?” for your assistant to tell you.

Red light

Solid red light comes on when you press the microphone on/off button to turn it off. That is, when it is lit Alexa will not be listening to you . If the Echo device has a camera, it means that the video cannot be shared.

Blue light

The blue light on Alexa has two possible meanings. If you see that your device has a blue ring and a lighter blue spot above it, it means that Alexa is listening . That is, you have just issued a voice command or you have asked a question or a request and your assistant is processing it.

Instead, when the blue light is spinning slowly it is because the Echo device is starting up . This light will turn off when it has started, or the light may turn orange.

orange light

The orange light rotating clockwise will be displayed when the device is trying to connect to the Internet network or when it is in setup mode , and may take a few minutes to clear.

Green light

If Alexa emits green light flashes, it is because you are currently receiving a call on the device.

If the light turns clockwise, someone is entering Drop In (a functionality that allows you to connect with the device in the same way as with an intercom).

abode light

If you have activated the “ do not disturb ” option, making a request to Alexa will turn on the purple light for a few seconds.

This light can also come on when starting the device, in which case it means that there are problems with the WiFi network .

White light

The white light is responsible for indicating the volume settings on the device.


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