2 Ways to See Facebook Stalking That Can Be Enabled

2 Ways to See Facebook Stalking That Can Be Enabled

Users can take advantage of applications or help sites that can perform the search process. With the details of these methods, users will know who is stalking FB accounts. Curious about how the process should be applied? For more details, understand the following description:

Method of Viewing FB Stalking with Help Application

The first method or way to see Facebook stalking that will be introduced is a method that utilizes a help application. By using this method, users can perform searches automatically and in a simpler structure.

Actually, there are many applications to see stalking. However, specifically for this description, an explanation will be given using an application called My Top Fans. So that the process can run well, then follow the following structured guidelines and arrangements:

  • The first step that can be used is to download the “My Top Fans” application at the official application download site.
  • When the download process is complete, the installation process will be carried out by the system automatically.
  • If the application is already installed, the user can enter the application and log in using the FB email and password.
  • On the first page of the application, there will be several menus. To start the stalking search process, then enter the “Search” menu.
  • Later, users will be given several options, such as stalking men or women, even both.
  • Just choose one of the options you want and press the permissions button.
  • Then, the system will perform the search process.
  • As a result, you will be given a list of accounts stalking your personal FB account

This method can of course be applied easily by anyone. As long as there is an internet network that uses and performs the process correctly, then there will be no obstacles that arise. Therefore, every process must be considered carefully.

This series of processes will be suitable for users who frequently check stalking. Because the application already exists, users only need to do the download process once and can use it continuously.

Method of Viewing FB Stalking Without Application Help

If you only want to check stalking once and don’t want to download an application, then you can take advantage of how to view Facebook stalking without the help of the application that will be described. By taking advantage of this process, the user does not have to overload the device with new applications.

The process itself is also not difficult and relatively easy to function. Curious how the details of how to be completed? For more details, see the description of the explanation below carefully:

  • The first step is to enter the browser on the device and enter your personal FB account.
  • Once logged in, immediately go to the “Profile” menu available on the device.
  • Then, add the word “viewsource” in front of the browser URL. Thus, the URL address will be “viewsource:https//m.facebook.com/…”.
  • After that, press the “Enter” button so that the system can immediately run the process.
  • If directed to a new page, users can immediately press the “Find on Page” button and add the words “InitialChatFriendsList” in the provided column.
  • Later, users will be given a list of FB accounts that are stalking.

Tips to Understand When Finding FB Stalking

If you want to carry out the processes or methods above, then each part or process must be well understood. This aspect is certainly very crucial to understand before carrying out the process. If each part is understood well, then the result group will also be better.

There are at least three main tips that must be considered if you want the process to run smoothly. Curious what are the tips to run for this one process? Read the following detailed description thoroughly to find out:

1. Internet Network Must be Stable

The first tip that must be run is to make sure the internet network is stable. This aspect of the internet is very important for the two methods above. If the internet network is not stable, then the process will not be completed properly or will not produce results.

2. Follow the Guide With Nothing Left

The above method or process must also be adapted to the existing guidelines. While the process is running, make sure not to leave a single process behind. Thus, the FB stalking search process will be carried out easily until the end.

3. Device Storage must be Sufficient

Finally, make sure you have sufficient storage space on your device. This aspect is of course very crucial to understand. If there is not enough storage, the stalking search process will also be hampered. So even though it looks trivial, actually this aspect is also very influential.

The list of explanations on how to see Facebook stalking above can of course be activated immediately. Because there are already two different methods, the user can choose the method that best suits the aspect of desire. Thus, the process itself can be applied easily.