Area 52 Releases New Line of Premium delta 8 Products

The beginning of this year was a huge success for Area 52 after it introduced its selection of delta 8 THC tinctures, gummies, and vapes. The company has quickly garnered a reputation as a trustworthy brand that doesn’t cut corners on any aspect of its activity.

Fueled with motivation after being received so well by the cannabis community, the team at Area 52 has stepped up its game and followed through with new premium products, mainly new formulations for the company’s best-selling tinctures and vapes.

What’s New in Stock?

For starters, Area 52 has a cherry-flavored tincture that contains the same strong dose of 40 mg of delta 8 in every mL. The tincture uses cannabis-derived terpenes whose combination provides a natural cherry flavor. The experience is pumped up by the presence of stevia extract, which makes consumption even more enjoyable than taking regular-flavored tinctures.

However, Area 52 has made the biggest progress when it comes to its vape products. Now, shoppers can choose from three delicious flavors of Area 52 vape carts; aside from the Pineapple Express cart, there are Berry Gelato and Granddaddy Purple strains — each offering their unique set of effects on top of delicious natural flavors. For example, the Granddaddy Purple is an indica vape that delivers fruity and floral notes, making it a perfect choice for evening use. For those who prefer an all-day solution, Area 52 has prepared the Berry Gelato hybrid, which gives users the best of both worlds.

For anyone into vaping and looking for an all-around starter kit for their first delta 8 experience, Area 52 has got them covered, too. The company’s release of new premium delta 8 products also includes a disposable vape pen and a vape battery compatible with viscous extracts like Area 52’s distillates. This vape line is top-rated by Observer, SF Examiner, and Daily CBD.

The vape pen has been formulated to suit daytime users, as it features delta 8 THC combined with cannabis terpenes from the Blue Dream strain. But, unlike the company’s vape carts, this pen contains 500 mg of delta 8, so it’s also a better option for first-time users and microdosers.

Adam Wathen, the founder of Area 52, says the company has taken the path of vaping as its specialization because it allows for a greater choice of flavors and effects than other formats:

“When you extract delta 8 THC from hemp, distillation leaves you with a thick, viscous extract that you can infuse into a variety of products. For us, the most versatile form of delta 8 are vape products. We can combine our distillate with other cannabinoids and terpenes to give the end product a fuller profile of effects, aside from tasty flavors from cannabis-derived terpenes. The cognitive effects of pure delta 8 THC are bland; you feel a slight buzz, but it doesn’t get you in a particular direction. The addition of minor cannabinoids and terpenes uses the entourage effect — they offer more health benefits and allow you to tailor your experience with delta 8 to your preferences.”

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