Best Electric Car on the Market

Looking for an electric car in Nepal? Are you getting rid of petrol and pollution? Electric Car in Nepal plays a very important role in reducing climate and environmental pollution. Electric Car is being popular nowadays. BYD Pvt.Ltd is a Chinese automobile manufacturer that is based in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, and the whole team of BYD Company. Climax Inc Pvt.Ltd brought BYD e6 to Nepal. BYD e6 provides a good, comfortable and powerful driving performance. The peak torque is 450Nm.

People are more attractive to electrical devices. Also, Electric cars have many advantages. Some of them are-

  • It does not require gas.
  • Save money.
  • Eco—friendly
  • Popularity
  • Reduce environmental pollution
  • Low maintenance

Due to these advantages, the new electric cars have replaced gasoline cars. Electric cars have more batteries than normal gasoline cars. The electric car gets power from the rechargeable batteries that are installed in the car. Buying an electric car saves money than buying a gasoline car.

As they run on the electrically powered engines, they are 100 percent eco-friendly. IT does not emit toxic gases or smoke as it runs on the clean energy source. This electrical car runs on the electrically powered engines so there is no need to lubricate the engines. This is how the cost is maintained.

BYD e6 Electric Car in Nepal

BYD Pvt.Ltd provides a different proposition with its new model BYD e6. The BYD e6 is a long-range, pure-electric vehicle that is driven by ET-POWER Fe battery. In China, this model was ranked as the best-selling electric car and won the gold medal for the Best Quality Product. BYD e6 electric cars come in two different variants. 300km and 400 km.


BYD e6 provides a good, comfortable and powerful driving performance. The peak torque is 450Nm. The five-seater BYD el has six airbags for the safety of the driver and the passenger. Due to the unstable charging voltage in Nepal, BYD is planning to provide fast charging stations all over Nepal. It includes other features like those that charging a time system, vehicle fault diagnosis system, Hydraulic rake assists, and a Cruise Control system. The vehicle is available in two different colors . They are Doctor Black, Timo White.

On a single charge, the normal range of BYD e6 is about 300km and it operates two different shifts for about 24 hours with one extra charge. This vehicle is provided with 75kW and a BYD-developed FE battery with a power of e6 to a range of 186 miles. It takes only 48 minutes to charge fully using a 100kW fast charging cabinet. It takes six hours for a standard 10kW.

In the market, this electric car is already been launchded. There are five different charging stations in Singha Durbar, Durbar Marg, Trade Towers, Naxal, and Satapaila. The team of the marketing head of Nepal is also looking forward to building more charging stations out of the valley in different places like Pokhara, Chitwan, Muglin and many more.

BTD e6 key Specifications

  • Engine: 80kWh Iron Phosphate (Fe) Battery
  • Max Power: 90kWh
  • Max Torque:450Nm
  • Electric Drive Range: 400km/ 300km
  • Top Speed: 140kmph
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Seating Capacity: 5
  • kerb weight: 2420kgs

Price in Nepal

The cost of BYD e6 300-km is NRs.63, 00,000 and 400-km is NRs. 66, 00,000.


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