Drone In Nepal, Rules and Laws to be Followed

Drones, which are also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Miniature Pilotless Aircraft or Flying Mini Robots. These are gaining popularity among the people with time. At first, it was developed and used by Military for warfare as UAV. Later and now it has become an awesome gadget. Drones are used for videography, wildlife conservations, Disaster response, agriculture and many more. Though these are popular with professional aerial cinematographers. Drones are controlled by remotes and for some drones by software applications from mobilephones (WiFi phone control). They capture huge area from a certain height. We can see how the popularity of drone in Nepal has raised.

Is Drone legal in Nepal?

According to Nepal’s National Aviation Authority, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), flying a drone in Nepal is legal. But they recommend to be aware of with the rules and regulations of the drones. Basically, it is illegal to operate a drone in Nepal. But with official papers and permit one can easily fly a drone.

All small, medium and large drone operators need to get an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit to be able to fly drone. No any drone is allowed to fly without mandatory equipments. Equipments like GPS system, return-to-home system, anti-collision light, flight data logging system and radio frequency identification.

General Rules and Regulations For Flying A Drone:

CAAN has set some rules regarding for the operation of drones. Operators must ensure that they follow the following rules or laws issued by the Government of Nepal.

  • One have to first apply and receive permission from the CAAN before flying a drone.
  • For drones weighing more than 2 kgs that fly 400 ft or more above ground level, prior authorization is required. (Authorization from the Department of Tourism, Ministry of Home Affairs and the CAAN is required.)
  • In any congested area do not fly drones over or within 150 meters (492 ft) .
  • In an organized open-air assembly of more than 1000 persons do not fly drones over or within 150 meters.
  • Do not fly within 50 meters (164 ft) of any vessel, vehicle, or structure.
  • Operators must maintain unaided visual sight with the drones.
  • Airports areas must be kept clear of all drone activity.

Process for getting permit to fly a drone in Nepal:

 First of all, you should take the permission letter from the municipality of the place to fly a drone.
 Secondly, you need to take a recommendation letter from the CDO office. The CDO office will give the recommendation letter only after municipality give permission letter.
 Then the police headquarters of the places that you want to fly drone over. They will give you a security clearance letter or even provide security in those areas, if necessary.
 Then with security clearance letter and all the documents mentioned above, you should submit the documents to the CAAN.

Where to Buy Drones in Nepal?

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