Google Pixel Watch upcoming release

Google Pixel Watch upcoming release

To date, the Apple Watch occupies the smartwatch market almost as a monopoly . For this reason, the arrival of the Google Pixel Watch represents a strong confrontation between the two technological giants in the field of smart watches.

Since a few years ago rumors began about the release of this device, the news about its characteristics has reached the general public with a dropper. However, according to analyst Jon Prosser, the launch of this novelty is expected to take place at the end of May 2022.

What will the Google Pixel Watch look like?

The manufacture of the Google smartwatch is part of a strategy through which the company intends to create a new segment of wearables , that is, electronic elements that can be worn and carried on a daily basis. For this reason, the design of the long-awaited smartwatch created by the Mountain View company is of such remarkable importance.

According to different leaks, this device will have a completely clean circular shape, without borders . Next to the screen, which completely occupies the entire sphere, you can find a button on the right side that will allow you to scroll through the different functionalities. In this way, the user will have at his disposal an extremely wide front to view the information with greater comfort.

In addition, the Google Pixel Watch will also be complemented by several straps designed especially for the occasion. In fact, the aesthetics of these plugins are expected to be unique to differentiate them from the competition.

What technical aspects are known about the Google smartwatch?

Although the exact technical characteristics of this smart watch have not yet been revealed, according to predictions, it is expected that its operation will be based on Wear OS 3 , specifically an Exynos processor. This technology, created by Google and Samsung, is used in the operating systems of the latest Galaxy Watch.

However, according to some experts, it is likely that this new device incorporates its own processor. Until now, Google has always worked on developing technology for third parties, so this could be a perfect opportunity to opt for an exclusive system.

Its features may also include a heart rate monitor, the option to manage calls or maps with routes. Likewise, the monitoring of physical activity and health levels will be considered through the measurement of steps and the monitoring of heart rate, sleep and blood oxygen, among others.

Along with these aspects, there is the possibility that Google Pixel Watch is capable of processing voice commands on the watch itself instead of having to go to servers. In any case, this smartwatch is expected to include different high-end specifications to deal with other models that are already on the market.

At the moment we have to wait for the launch of the device to know more details. Although if you plan to buy it, it is important to find the best policy to insure it. 

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