How to find the best free wallpapers

best free wallpapers

If you take care and protect your mobile phone , it can last you years and years. But despite the fact that you have been with the same mobile for a long time, the wallpaper is one of those things that you want to change more often.

Wallpaper: personalize your phone

We soon get bored of the same image and need to give a radical change to its appearance. There are those who choose to put photos, others opt for the simplicity of a color, and others decide not to put anything because, in short, with so many open windows you will never see it. If you are one of those who are firmly committed to personalizing their devices, you are interested in knowing where to find free wallpapers and how to install them.

Where to find free wallpapers

Searching the web for a new wallpaper is like searching for videos on YouTube: you know when you start, but not when you finish. There are so many options that it is easy to get lost in the sea of ​​proposals. So that this does not happen, we tell you where you can find the best free wallpapers for your smartphone.

  • WallpaperStock . It is one of the most popular free wallpaper download pages on the web. Its simple and intuitive design houses a wide and varied collection of images of all kinds, also for tablets and smartphones.
  • HDWallpapers . This website, very similar to the previous one, offers thousands of images available in a wide variety of resolutions. Photos are sorted by theme and screen resolution, making it easy to find the most mobile-friendly ones.
  • Interface LIFT . It has nearly 4,000 wallpapers ready to download, but the best thing is that the website automatically detects the resolution you need so there are no confusions.
  • VladStudio . Although this website does not have as many wallpapers as others, the designs it has make up for it. Each image is available in multiple resolutions, plus wallpapers for use on systems with more than two monitors.
  • National Geographic. There are other non-specialized websites that also offer this type of images. This is the case of National Geographic magazine , known above all for its quality photographs of the most remote corners of the planet. Therefore, nothing better than here to find spectacular images of landscapes or animals. The only drawback is that the variety of resolutions is very limited.
  • NASA . The website of the US space agency offers the Image of the Day , where you can download space photos, such as astronauts, ships, stars, planets… but in a single resolution.
  • Zedge . This website is specialized in free mobile wallpapers. The system allows you to indicate the smartphone model you have to focus the search on what really interests you by screen size and resolution.

A last resource no less important than the previous ones is the Google image bank. To get the best backgrounds, you just have to apply the correct filters in your search. Within TOOLS, select LARGE SIZE and the type of image you prefer.

Apps to download free wallpapers

In addition to web pages, you can also find free and varied wallpapers in applications for the main mobile operating systems: Android and iOS.

  • Wallpapers HD . This app offers hundreds of wallpapers for iPhone 4, 5 and 6. In addition, it has an excellent search engine that quickly locates the perfect image.
  • . Another app to change the appearance of the iPhone, although it also includes backgrounds for iPad. It has an extensive collection of photos and a powerful search engine to find images by keywords, as well as a recommendation system that can locate new backgrounds based on the ones you’ve chosen on other occasions.
  • Vellum . This app (also for iPhone) doesn’t have as many images as the previous one, but its beautiful designs make up for the small selection. The funds are classified by various categories.
  • Background HD . This collection of quality images for Android offers content for all tastes, from sports or art to animals. Food or nature. And the best thing is that it is renewed regularly.
  • Wallpapers. Another app for Android with an excellent selection of backgrounds with a wide variety of themes. In addition, it has a favorites function so that you can mark the ones you like the most, and a tool that allows you to crop the images to fit them to the screen of your device.

How to install wallpapers on mobile?

To download the wallpapers on iPhone, simply open the image in your ROLL, press the SHARE icon (located in the lower left corner) and select WALLPAPER.

On Android, the process varies by model. In the case of a Samsung, for example, you just have to access the MENU AND choose CUSTOMIZE THE BACKGROUND. Once done, you will have your new wallpaper ready.

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