How To Enable The Battery Percentage On Android Phones?

We have seen that most of the smartphones do not show battery in percentage and people cannot identify their charge in their smartphone. Don’t worry because with a few simple steps you can easily enable your battery percentage indicator on your smartphone.

This article will help you to convert the battery indicator of your android smartphone in percentage. This will help you to get the battery in the percentage and can easily identify the working time of the smartphone.

Easy process to Show Battery Percentage on your android smartphone

1. At first, go to “Settings”.

2. Scroll down until you see “System Section” or “Battery” in your smartphone.

3. Click on “Battery or “System Section”, here you will find the options.

4. There you will see different options. Scroll it down until you get “Show battery percentage on status bar”.

5. Click or enable the option “Show battery percentage on status bar”.

6. Now, you are done. You will see the battery percentage on your smartphone.

How to show the battery percentage in Android Oreo?

Android Oreo is commonly known as Android 8 which is double faster than the previous version. Let’s get the process to show the battery percentage on Android Oreo.

1. Settings

2. Scroll until you see “Battery“.

3. Click on “Battery“.

4. you can see “Battery Percentage” options.

5. Switch the toggle button in order to make it enable.

6. Now, you are done. You can see the battery percentage.

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