Is there a Video Filter Remover App on TikTok

Video Filter Remover App on TikTok

Video filter removal applications are really needed to find out the authenticity of someone’s face because now not a few are hiding behind filters. Where when shown it looks very charming, even though the original is not even that far away.

But actually there is a reason why many users are looking for this application. This started with a social media application, namely TikTok, which offers an interesting new challenge filter. Curious for further explanation? Please refer to the reviews in the next article.

Reasons Why is the TikTok Video Filter Remover App Much Wanted?

Initially, applications for removing video filters began to be sought after after a filter appeared called Rotoscope and Red Silhouette challenge. Actually, this challenge filter is an animation creation technique that is easy to do. Because making it without using software and designing manually.

The creators just have to make the desired movement on a TikTok video. That way, the application will automatically turn it into an animation. The most important thing before making it the user must apply the filter first. Because the application will trace the creator’s movements.

If previously the animation design process with the Rotoscope technique took a long time, now it doesn’t. Because TikTok already provides the filter for free.

Unfortunately, the concept of animated videos that are being made is getting deviated day by day. Which is the main attraction for users looking for video filter removal applications. Why? Because the video that is made is a creator’s process of gradually removing clothes. Therefore, people are curious to see the original form without a filter.

However, is there actually an application that can completely remove the filter on the video? Here’s the answer.

How to Remove TikTok Video Filters

Actually, the TikTok application itself can delete video filters that have been made without the need for other applications. There are 2 ways you can choose to do this. Here’s the explanation:

1. Eliminating Video Filters Through Drafts

The first step to removing filters in videos is through drafts. Which means that the video has not been publicly uploaded by users. Here are the steps:

  • Open the TikTok application that has been logged in, then click ‘Profile’.
  • If so, find the ‘Draft’ menu where the previous video was saved before sharing.
  • Then, click on the video to return to the editing menu.
  • Next, please select the filter feature to change or delete it.
  • When done, decide between saving it back as a draft or uploading it for other users to see.

2. Eliminate Filters When Recording Videos

The second way can also be done. If previously a video has been made and entered into storage, then this time delete it while recording a video. The steps are not much different and easy.

Please press the ‘Effect’ menu, then select the desired filter. Then press the ‘Normal or no filter’ option. Later videos will not be applied using filters.

Please note that the two methods described can only be used for your own videos. So, what about other people’s videos?

How to Install Rotoscope Filters on TikTok Videos

Before discussing whether there is an application that removes other people’s video filters on TikTok, maybe users are curious to use it. This filter does look unique and fun to try. Here are the steps to install it in the video:

  • Previously, first enter the TikTok application.
  • If so, press the plus icon in the middle of the page to start creating a video.
  • After entering the video page, press ‘Effects’.
  • Please choose a trending filter or directly do a search by writing ‘Rotoscope‘.
  • Then select the filter and it will automatically be applied to the video.

Is a Video Filter Remover App on TikTok

Many have discussed the application of removing video filters, especially TikTok, after circulating vulgar videos covered by filters. If you look for it on a search engine or Youtube, there are many ways to do it. Like using the Kinemaster, PicsArt, CapCut, and the like.

This method can indeed change the video filter, but cannot remove the filter. So that what appears is the original form of the video maker.

Technologically, the filter applied to the application can be removed easily. You do this by reverse engineering the video that you want to remove the filter from. Unfortunately, until now there has not been a single application that can do it because there is no maker yet.

In general, videos that have been shown on the TikTok application cannot be changed back, either filters, stickers, writing, etc. This applies to the owner as well as others. Except that TikTok itself did it. Because developers have access to open it.

If someone asks about the application for removing the TikTok video filter or any application, then the answer is not yet there. At least until now because it’s possible that someone is making it and it’s still in the process of being repaired.

It’s just that, it’s recommended not to make any vulgar videos, especially on the platform, even if you use filters. The reason is, as explained earlier, the maker can see the original video without using filters.

Only making videos on the device can be seen by people who have the ability and the authorities. Moreover, shown in an application. Better not to do it.


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