Mobile battery recharging and its myths

Mobile battery recharging and its myths

Technology evolves almost in seconds and that facilitates the proliferation of myths and false beliefs that are based on outdated information.

The case of cell phone batteries and other devices is a clear example of the damage that false myths forged in the past or misinterpretations of technological advice can do.

Mobile batteries today

Today’s batteries are durable, more resistant and much more efficient and functional than just a few years ago, and that is why today’s devices with the latest generation lithium batteries do not need the same care as before.
The best way not to make a mistake and ensure the care of your battery is to consult the instructions and recommendations that you have at your disposal regarding the specific model and brand of your phone, follow the advice of the manufacturer of your mobile device and do not let yourself be guided by false beliefs.

The 5 most widespread false myths about the mobile battery

Most of these myths have a reason for being: they made sense years ago, but today they are no longer true, at least absolutely. We review them one by one.

First full charge

This is the typical advice that used to be given a few years ago and that has now completely ceased to make sense: current batteries do not need full charge cycles to improve their efficiency or last longer or last more years. Remember to read the full instructions for your new device, before using and charging it, and stick to it. A full charge is not necessary the first time you use the device.

Always wait for the battery to run out completely

Another myth similar to the previous one; It is not true that the mobile is taken care of more due to an exhausting use of the battery; On the contrary, the most recommended by manufacturers and experts is not to drain the batteries. Beyond 15% or 20% of charge, it is enough to silver a healthy recharge of the mobile or any other device.

Do not charge the phone off, it is not necessary

Well yes, yes it is. It is not very serious, nor deadly for your mobile that you charge it in use and on, but if you can avoid it, the better. Not only the battery, but also the operating system of your mobile will appreciate off charge cycles to be able to reset and avoid micro-cuts in the charge that can be harmful and shorten the useful life of your battery.

If you can’t fully charge the battery, don’t.

Another of the less recommended myths: if your battery is below 20%, it is better to charge it, even more so if you need your mobile and use high-consumption applications . You don’t need to keep track of hours, minutes or seconds or if an emergency arises, leave your phone charging or be late for your appointment because the phone still showed a 97 percent charge. Even if the battery is not fully charged, you are not harming its health.

Let the battery charge overnight

This is one of the most pernicious battery myths. It is not so little to stress, but indeed the mobile once it has finished charging, it is better to unplug it from the electrical network, as soon as possible. You will avoid overloads, overheating and other consequences that although they do not have to be a problem, it is not necessary to take unnecessary risks either.

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