Nepal Telecom and Ncell offers recharge bonus up to 120% and provide more services

Due to lockdown, people are staying in their own homes for more than a month. All public places have been closed. Many services have been stopped. To provide some help in this pandemic, Ncell and Nepal Telecom has also started to provide more facilities to their customers in this hard time.

NTC’s and Ncell have moved ahead to help the people in this pandemic situation by providing recharge bonus services and extra loan services.

Nepal Telecom (NTC) Offer during Coronavirus Lockdown

In this situation, NTC‘s is providing a 100% bonus on recharge to the customers with the NTC network. All the recharges that are made above Rs.10 will be credited with the same amount in their account as a bonus. This service is effective and reliable from March 25, 2020. The recharge in GSM, CDMA prepaid and the postpaid services can be done via recharge card or the MPOS (online), mobile banking.

The validity of the bonus is different according to the method of the recharge.

List of the Recharge through the Recharge Cards and MPOS/ Digital Service

Recharge amount Bonus Validity
Rs. 50/ Rs.100 100% 2 days
Rs. 200 / Rs. 500 100% 4 days
Rs. 1000 100% 6 days

During this whole process, if you messed up the PIN numbers please don’t worry about it. You can easily recover those PIN numbers using the recovery portal.

Nepal Telecom Bonus Validity on MPoS / Digital Service Recharge

Now, you can also recharge your account via Khalti, e-Sewa, or any other mobile banking service. After recharging, you will get a text message regarding the bonus.

Recharge Amount Bonus Validity
Rs. 10 to Rs. 99 100% 2 days
Rs. 50 / Rs. 100 100% 4 days
Rs. 200 / Rs. 500 100% 8 days
Rs1000 100% 10 days

How to use NTC 100% recharge bonus amount?

You can use the bonus amount for data, voice calls, SMS services within the NTC network. But, you cannot transfer the bonus amount to other NTC users.

Ncell offer During Coronavirus Lockdown

NTC is providing a 100% bonus offers to the NTC users. Same as Ncell is offering a 120% bonus offer to Ncell users. Not only a 120% bonus to the Ncell users, but also Ncell has given Rs.10 crore to the Nepal Government for the prevention of COVID-19 infection in Nepal.

Ncell is providing a 120% bonus on the recharge on Rs. 50. You can also recharged through the recharge cards or digital payment like e-Sewa, Khalti, IME Pay, Mobile banking.

Lets, take an example, Imagine that you have recharged your account by Rs. 100 on your mobile. Then, as a bonus amount, you will get Rs.120 in your account.

Ncell Loan

Due to the Coronavirus lockdown, there are some changes in the Ncell Loan.

Now, Ncell has increased the sapati loan amount up to Rs.200.

NOTE: Rs. 200 loan on your account will be available if you are active Ncell users and recharge frequently and stay loan free. But still, you can take a loan up to Rs. 80.

Ncell and NTC deserve huge respect and appreciation for their offers in this pandemic situation. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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