New year’s Cell-A-Bration With Sastodeal 2020

Sasto Deal is one of the biggest online shopping sites in Nepal. With the high increase in internet users, nowadays people prefer to do shopping sitting on their laptops in their own homes or offices. Nowadays, people do not want to go to the market and do shopping. They just want to click and get the products in their own home. Sastodeal is an online website that offers this feature.

Sastodeal Offer

New Year 2020 is on the way. Different products, brands are providing different schemes in the market to increase their market. Due to the festival offer, people prefer to do shopping to take advantage. Sastodeal has collaborated with the Cellpay to bring the SastoDeal New Year’s Cell-A-Bration. This sastodeal offer starts from December 24 and will last for 2 January 2020.

Taking about the scheme, one can available up to 40% of discounts on your first purchase order through the e-commerce site. The discounted amount will be deposited as loyal points in your own Cellpay’s account. The maximum offered discount is 100 loyal points to the customers. A loyal point is not just a point. One loyal point is equal to NRs. 1. They will also provide the extra 10% discount on the checkout and free delivery service on their selected brands.
Cellpay is an e-payment system through which we can pay for our transactions online. In our country, Nepal, the most popular way to pay online is through the e-wallet system. Cell pay allows you to pay directly from the bank without the intervention of any e-wallets.

Requirements to get this offer

To grab the offer, you have to link your Cell pay account to your bank account. You can also download the Cellpay’s app from your Play store or App store.
You have to link your bank account by managing the account section of your app. For this, you have to subscribe to mobile banking services. The details that you entered must match the record of the bank.


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