Note 7 Ways to Easily Overcome Forgotten Patterns or Locked Cellphones

Forgotten Patterns or Locked Cellphones

The desire to improve the security system on HP encourages users to apply passwords, one of which is a pattern. Sometimes someone forgets the password that has been applied. That’s the reason how to deal with cellphones forgetting patterns needs to be learned so you don’t have trouble opening it.

As is known, security features in the form of patterns can be an alternative in maintaining user privacy. Without knowing the pattern applied, it will be difficult for other people to open the cellphone. If one day the user forgets the pattern, here are some ways to overcome it that can be tried:

1. Make Lockscreen Crash

If the cellphone used uses an operating system in the form of Android 5.0 or 5.1.1, then the user can create a Lockscreen Crash. You can do this by opening the Emergency Call menu, then typing * on the dialer. Do this until the character is full and there is no more space left.

Please copy all the characters. Open the camera access that appears on the lock screen, then drag the notification bar to open the settings menu. Automatically, the user will be asked to enter the password as usual.

Please paste the characters that have been made before so that the lock screen crash occurs. Then the user can return to the main display of the smartphone. If the way to deal with HP forgetting patterns using Lockscreen Crash doesn’t work, try again.

2. Delete Pattern in ADB

Resetting the password can be done by connecting the HP via ADB on the computer. Users can enter the ADB Shell command and reboot the cellphone so that the lock screen disappears. Then immediately change the new password, because this method can only be done briefly.

3. Optimize the Forgot Pattern Feature

If the pattern is forgotten and the user has tried several patterns but failed, the Forgot Pattern feature will automatically appear. To apply the method of dealing with forgetting cellphone patterns with this feature, users need an Android cellphone with an e-mail account and a stable internet connection.

As for its application, users only need to select the Forgot Pattern menu that appears after several failed unlocks. Click Sign in on the Gmail account that has been registered on the cellphone. Then, the user will be given the option to change the pattern.

Please use a new pattern that feels easier, when finished, the user will be directed to the initial view. Please use the new pattern that was created. Users can change the HP pattern again or disable this security feature.

4. Take advantage of Find My Device

To overcome forgetting patterns on cellphones, users can try using Find My Device via a laptop. This method is also concise and will not affect important data stored on the cellphone. Users only need to visit the Find My Device website first.

Make sure to log in using an e-mail account that has been registered with the HP, then select the Secure Device menu. Continue by changing a new password that you feel is easy to remember. After that, try opening the cellphone by entering the password from the Find My Device website.

5. Use Android Safe Mode

If the HP lock uses a pattern made using a third party application. Then the user can overcome it by applying Android Safe Mode to disable these security features. The trick is to press the power button long enough, until the option to power off and restart appears.

Please tap and hold the Power Off option, so that the Reboot to Safe Mode option appears. Click Ok to continue the process, the HP will automatically restart. It is at this stage that the user can install the Lock Screen application and open the cellphone as usual.

6. Smart Lock

If a user holds an Android with the latest operating system, they will get a tighter security called Smart Lock. This feature can be used on Android 5.0 and above when you forget your pattern. The smart lock works by opening the cellphone automatically based on a certain time setting.

Furthermore, the user will get 5 options to open a locked cellphone without requiring a pattern. One of them can be Face Recognition or using Voice Match. That is the reason, Smart Lock can be an effective way to deal with forgetting HP patterns.

7. Take advantage of Google Assistant

Currently Android features are getting more sophisticated with the presence of the Google Assistant service. This feature can be an alternative that can be done to open a cellphone that has forgotten its pattern. Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence launched by Google, where users can connect to 2-way conversations.

The feature is activated using only the voice that was previously set to be recognized. To overcome the cellphone forgetting the pattern, just say the words “OK Google” then the lock screen will automatically open. However, make sure that Google Assistant is activated on the cellphone.

This is the discussion on how to deal with HP forgetting patterns which will really help users if they don’t remember the pattern or key that was used at all. If the method above doesn’t work, the user can choose a factory reset and change the HP settings from scratch.


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