PUBG Mobile Game Became the Highest Earning Mobile Game In the World 2020

PUBG Mobile Game was the highest revenue -grossing mobile game in May month. According to the latest news report by Sensor Tower, Tencent earned over $226 million in user spending, making it in the highest-grossing game in the world.

As the whole world is a lockdown, people are supposed to stay at their own homes, and only the essential services are expected to remain operational. It’s now more than a month of lockdown. So, we can play mobile games.

PUBG is one of the biggest battle royal games in the whole world. It is produced by PUBG Corp and can be available on PC, PS4, Mobile devices, and Xbox One.

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How PUBG became the highest-earning mobile game?

About 53 % of the revenue came from China, 5.5% came from Saudi Arabia, 10.2% came from the US. Through this, it is proved that it is the highest-grossing game in the world for the month of May.

Due to COVID-19, people stay in their homes due to lockdown in the whole world. So, People spend their time playing indoor mobile games. The report informs that the revenue was calculated from the Apple Store and the Google Play store between May and May worldwide.

PUBG mobile game was followed by the Honor of Kings which is still a popular game from Tencent. 1 million i.e. about Rs. 1.5 thousand crores has been estimated in the gross revenue.

China has been a great source of revenue by contributing 95% of the Honor King’s revenue followed by 2.2% from Thailand.

We reported that the PUBG Mobile Game could get a new map under the Classic Battle Royale mode through an upcoming update which is rumored as “Fourex”. The map was spotted on the latest 0.19.0 beta update which is known as “Secret Map” in the game which is under development.

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