The best gamer setups that will leave you breathless

The best gamer setups that will leave you breathless

That song that The Simpsons sang already said: you don’t conquer anything with a salad. It is clear that the important thing is not what the dishes carry, but their presentation. Something similar happens in computers and video games: no matter how expensive your peripherals are, the important thing is how they combine with each other and the exterior decoration. Are you looking for ideas to decorate your setup? These that we are going to show you below will serve as inspiration .

Think that your desk will be your special place: it will not only be the place where you work and study , but also your central entertainment area . That is why it is important to take care of it and put a lot of care into its appearance. Are you going to reform your computer? Well, first of all, get inspired by ideas from users around the world.

The most creative and spectacular gamer setups

hexagons and anime


If you are a fan of Evangelion , this desk will fascinate you. It mixes simple decorative elements with hexagonal figures, LED lights and three wonderful screens, which go perfectly with an oak table and the computer’s own lights. And one of the most striking colors is purple: it appears in the figure of EVA-01, on the keyboard, on the Game Boy and in the lights in the room.

Elegance is in simplicity


Crowned by a small figure of Wall-e , this desk stands out for its limited color variety, which gives it its own style and refinement. It is clear that it is a setup more dedicated to work than to play, but perhaps the layout can inspire you in some way.

For vintage lovers


If you are one of those who is attracted to everything old, this desk will seem wonderful . The shelf full of cameras, the small music device at the bottom of the table, the padded chair that looks like it came from a doctor’s office, the double-height towers…

Pink and kawaii!


Your life may not be rosy, but your room seems to be . Consoles, controls, armchair, peripherals… Not to mention all the stuffed animals, Pokémon figures and the layout of the controllers. If you’ve had a bad day, this photo can fix it. Any room improves with a classic Game Boy and a Mew presiding over it.

And between departure and departure, a chapter of a manga


How many manga chapters and figures can there be in this image? Pokémon, Death Note, Genshin Impact…. Without LED lights it doesn’t seem very gamer, but the Japanese aesthetic that is achieved through the lantern and the figures, drawings and masks is spectacular. And the eternal waits in Discord can be relieved by reading for a while, don’t you think?

Nintendo lovers, hello!



It may not have the best screens or the most spectacular peripherals, but the decoration and layout of the desk are incredible : several figures below, in front of the screen and next to controllers from various generations, and above, stuffed animals and Nintendo figures, from sleeves like Sakura and the classic cartoons we grew up with.


From PlayStation since I was little


All the decorative elements and gadgets on this desk are from PlayStation: coasters, desk lights, drawer… And to top it off, it has the controls from the PS1 to the PS4, a loyal player if ever there was one! And the shape of the table is fascinating, to speak of the surround position of the stereo.

Luke, I…am…your desk.


It’s not very baroque, but it’s precisely in its simplicity that it’s beautiful: a 3-piece painting of Darth Vader puts the icing on a desk loaded with gadgets and on which we can see a small figure of Yoda. Of course, there is so little space that overwhelms.

nature in your home


Can we start by talking about how cute is the box of the old Game Boy next to the monitor? Everything in the image has an inspiring vibe: the wooden squares with the symbols of Kingdom Hearts , Animal Crossing and Zelda , the gyroid flower pot, the speakers, the Switch cover, the plants, the hexagons with a wooden texture… This desk gives a lot of peace .

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