Gadgets for sports

Gadgets for sports

Sport is an essential part of our lives and, if we want to live better and maintain our health in perfect condition, there is nothing better than exercising daily. And since more and more people are joining this thought, for them today we bring the best gadgets to play sports.

With them, it will be much easier to leave the many digital attractions that hold us back , put on the shoes and start training.

Sports gadgets for all types of exercise

Training is easier if we use technology. Currently, we can find more technological products dedicated to athletes so that they can make their sports practices easier and more fun.

Many people like to exercise on their own, without stipulated classes or schedules, for this reason, these devices will be very useful for practicing sports at home or outdoors.

Sunstech Triton

Do you love to swim, but do you miss being able to listen to your favorite music? Don’t worry, this aquatic MP3 will make you feel like a fish in the water and enjoy your pool sessions more.

This device allows you to listen to your favorite songs thanks to its capacities of 4 and 8 Gigs, in addition to having a range of 10 hours. It is easy to use and comfortable, as it has 12 tips of different sizes to fit your ears.

You can dive with it up to 3 meters without any problem and the audio quality is quite good. It is not compatible with wireless devices so you will have to load the music directly on it, like the old MP3.

Cube FITT by Argos

If you don’t like going to gyms, you may have realized that training at home is not that easy , especially if you don’t have the necessary materials.

This training cube will make things much easier for you, since with it you will be able to perform a multitude of different exercises .

Although it may not seem like it, with it you can do strength, flexibility, power, cardio and resistance exercises. It has built-in resistance bands, step and calorie counter so you can train all parts of your body.

Bluetooth Running Beanie

If you don’t like going for a run without your music, you may have realized how complicated it is to get headphones that are comfortable and don’t have cables that limit your movements.

In addition, in the colder months it is not comfortable to run with them and add a hat to protect yourself from low temperatures.

That’s why we’re proposing a solution that you’ll love: a hat that comes with its own Bluetooth audio system so you can listen to all your music. And that it is also one of the cheapest sports gadgets on the market.

Apple’s JAXJOX KettlebellConnect

These types of weights are very useful when performing strength exercises , but you will need several to achieve different weights and results.

In this case, you won’t have to worry anymore. The weight that we show you has even different types of load that can be adjusted through its application or its integrated buttons. You can add or remove weight as you are interested.

It is completely adaptable from 5.44 to 19.05 kilos , it also has the option of a marker of repetitions, weight and time so you can control your training.

Compex SP 6.0 electrostimulator

Sometimes, especially if you want to get more advanced training, it is convenient to get an electrostimulator.

These types of devices work the muscle groups through electrical currents , these are also known as EMS and their objective is to increase muscle mass. There are also the so-called TENS that are used in rehabilitation processes.

The best thing about this gadget is that it includes both functions and has a system called Mi-Range that measures muscle power and stops stimulation when necessary. It is wireless and you can use it with any muscle group. Its only drawback is its high price and that you will have to buy it on its website.

Garmin Edge 130

If you like to practice cycling, you cannot do without this gadget . Garmin launches this new version of its most popular device for lovers of two wheels. It has a compact design and a battery that allows a range of 15 hours .

Its functionalities include its altimeter by barometer, its Bluetooth system, its live tracking, altitude graphs and its emergency function called Assistance . It allows you to store routes and warnings so that the cyclist can easily follow them.

Slendertone Abs 7 abdominal belt

These types of devices are a good way to improve abdominal muscles , especially if they are used as a complement to your daily routine. This model has 10 specific programs adjustable to 150 different intensities to achieve fat loss in the area and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

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