Very Effective Mobile Signal Booster Application

Very Effective Mobile Signal Booster Application

The weak signal on the cellphone will greatly interfere with long-distance communication with other people. That’s why users need the help of applications to strengthen the signal. Here are some apps that you can install to effectively strengthen the signal on your mobile device:

1. Net Optimizer

For users who like to browse or upload social media, now they don’t have to worry about weak signals anymore. Now there is Net Optimizer as a very effective mobile signal booster application. With the help of this application, lag during the browsing process can be avoided.

The automatic operation in the Net Optimizer application is able to significantly increase the cellphone signal. Net Optimizer also helps devices find the right DNS to increase internet speed. Behind the convenience provided by this application, users must be patient with the number of ads.

2. Connection Stabilizer Booster

A signal booster application that is no less good than before is Connection Stabilizer Booster. With the help of this app, the signal on mobile devices will be much stronger than before. The use of this application includes 4G, 3G, 2G, Wifi, GPRS to Edge signals.

Connection Stabilizer Booster is also equipped with an anti-disconnect feature that keeps the signal stable. Unfortunately its use is quite difficult because it has to set some configurations. In addition, this application is also a waste of battery because it forces the device to continue looking for a signal.

3. Signal Guard

The Signal Guard signal booster application has the main function as a monitor of the quality of the surrounding network. Signal Guard also provides complete information about the connected GSM network. If the connected network is interrupted, Signal Guard will reset the connected network to find the best one.

Not only can it be used for networks originating from GSM only, Signal Guard can also be used for Wifi. The mechanism used in finding the strongest signal is also the same as for the GSM network. Because the task is more to network monitoring, sometimes this application is less effective in amplifying the signal.

4. OpenSignal

The OpenSignal mobile signal booster application is also worth considering by users. Because this application is equipped with the best features that can make the signal on the device stronger. Not to mention the advanced features that can show the location with the strongest signal.

OpenSignal will also provide information to users about the location of the nearest BTS tower. Not only towers, location information with free wifi will also be shown by this application. This information is sure to be very useful for users who need a strong network for their devices.

5. Network Signal Speed Booster

Users can consider the Network Signal Speed ​​Booster application before visiting areas with low signal. The Network Signal Speed ​​Booster application can strengthen the cellphone signal even though the signal is weak. That way users don’t have to worry about losing communication at the new location.

How to strengthen the signal with the Network Signal Speed ​​Booster application is also very easy. Just click on the app without changing any options, then the signal bar on the mobile device will fill up instantly. In fact, this application can also be used for all types of cellphones.

6. Signal Strength

The Signal Strength application has features that are almost the same as Open Signal, namely providing information about the location of the strongest signal. Even this application can also show the strongest signal in the room. That way users don’t need to be confused anymore to find the best signal location in the vicinity.

Signal Strength has another advantage, namely its very light size and only 4 mb. The small size will lighten the memory load of mobile devices, especially those of low capacity. This application can also be installed on all types of Android phones because of its small size.

7. Network Signal Refresher

Low-priced cellphones that have minimalist specifications are usually less sensitive to signals. This situation can be overcome with the help of the Network Signal Refresher application which can be installed on even cheap cellphones. The existence of this application makes cheap cellphone users not have to worry anymore.

Network Signal Refresher only requires light specifications to be installed on the device you own. The small size of this application will also not burden storage at all. Operation is also very easy and integrated with the notification bar.

The Network Signal Refresher application can be said to be the best 4G signal booster today when viewed from its capabilities. Network Signal Refresher also has its own widget on the home screen. Unfortunately, this application has a drawback that causes the battery to run out quickly.

Users can take advantage of the mobile phone signal booster application above to overcome the weak signal. The existence of these applications is very helpful, especially when visiting areas with minimal signal. Some apps are also small in size so they don’t overload the storage on mobile devices.


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