Why the cellphone is slow even though there is still a lot of memory

The reason why the cellphone is slow even though there is still a lot of memory that needs to be known

This is because the user is aware or not that usage from time to time can also affect the performance of the cellphone. Where the performance that is owned will usually experience a decline. The following is a list of factors that cause the cellphone to become slow:

1. External Memory Quality is Not Good

The first factor that causes why the cellphone is slow even though there is still a lot of memory is because the quality of the external memory is not good. This case indicates that the occurrence of slow on the cellphone is not only triggered by a full memory.

Because smartphones that have low external memory specifications can also make smartphones slow. In other words, the performance of the smartphone devices used has decreased. To make the cellphone slow in running the user government.

2. Battery Performance Decreases

The existence of smartphone performance that cannot be maximized can also be triggered by a decrease in the performance of the battery. When viewed in general, users can know or feel a number of signs due to a decrease in battery performance. 

Especially if the use of smartphones has reached a period of 2 to 3 years. For that smartphone battery that has been used for a relatively long time. 

Of course, it will affect the processing of a program and memory as a whole. For this reason, users may not realize why their cellphone is slow.

3. Update the operating system does not match your needs

Another reason that could happen that has the potential to make the performance of the cellphone slow is an inappropriate operating system update. This inappropriate update activity can actually result in an increase in the performance of the cellphone.

However, there are operating system updates that require separate space in the internal memory. However, if the smartphone used by the user has low memory and RAM. So it is recommended not to forget to update the operating system.

The reason is that if the user insists on updating the operating system, it can make the cellphone slow. However, when the user still wants to update the operating system, the smartphone used does not support it. So the solution that can be run is to use a new smartphone.

4. Too Many Active Applications

It turns out that the number of applications that are installed and active on a cellphone can also make the cellphone slow. In other words, when the user uses a certain application and does not close it directly. So this is what triggers the cellphone to be slow to carry out orders.

Whether you realize it or not, applications that are still active can take up space in RAM. Therefore, it is recommended for users to close applications that are no longer in use.

5. Cache Piles

For those who don’t know, the term cache can be understood as data stored in the phone’s memory. The contents of the data are none other than the track record of smartphone use.

This is why each application will have its own cache. When the cache accumulates on the cellphone, it can cause the cellphone to slow down. Until the solution is that users can clean the cache regularly.

6. Software is not updated

If there are still many users who have questions about why the cellphone is slow even though there is still a lot of memory, don’t worry first. Because this kind of thing can be triggered by various factors that occur on the smartphone that is used. One of them is the condition of the software used is not updated.

Because the condition of the software on Android if it is not in an updated state can make the cellphone slow in executing commands. Considering in general the existing software continues to experience updates so that updates are also needed in this case.

7. Applications are not updated

It turns out that it is not only software that requires regular updates by users. The reason is that related applications also need to be updated so that the cellphone does not become slow. The occurrence of a slow cellphone is more or less disturbing for users, especially when the need is very important.

Given that in general the existence of applications in a cellphone will eat up the RAM and CPU of the cellphone over time. Meanwhile, when viewed from the capacity of the hardware owned by the cellphone device used by the user, there is no increase or addition.

This kind of thing is one of the reasons why the cellphone is slow. For this reason, the solution that can be run by users is to update the application.

Those were some discussions regarding the reasons why the cellphone is slow even though there is still a lot of memory that users need to know. A number of these factors are important for smartphone users to understand so that they know that a slow cellphone is not only triggered by a full memory.

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