Types of hosting, their application and main characteristics

hosting main characteristics

Hosting is a service that physically hosts website pages on a server, a 24-hour remote computer where your website is stored. How to choose it correctly? To begin with, we need to decide what we actually need from hosting https://zomro.com/ and what we need from a specific company. If we know exactly what we need, it will be much easier to look for someone who will provide us with what we need. Let’s look at each type separately. The choice is yours. There are 5 main types in total.

1. Virtual type of hosting for the site

It is the most popular type these days. Your site will be hosted on a corporate server along with other users’ sites with whom you share all the server’s resources. Only you have access to server management.

Consider the pros and cons:

+ low price
+ technical support around the clock
+ Does not require deep technical knowledge
+ more resources
– only suitable for small projects
– this is the most insecure type of hosting for the site

2. Physical hosting

The most expensive kind. Its essence is that the site owner hosts the site on a dedicated server provided for rent (or also independently) on the territory of the lessor. The entire server is in the hands of one owner.
+ Safe
+ One owner
+ No resource limits
– High price
– In-depth knowledge required


3. Cloud hosting

Hosting involves the use of distributed resources, that is, the resources of several servers at the same time.

+ Flexibility of settings
+ No dependency on server load
+ Pay only for the resources used
– Safety

4. VPS Hosting

A “virtual server” is organized on the server, to which each site owner has full access. These virtual servers are independent of each other, each with its own operating system and resources dedicated to only one user.

+ self-installation of the preferred
+ separate OS
+ Average price
– Expensive for beginners
– In-depth knowledge required

5. Colocation

It provides only a separate room in its own data center for setting up your personal equipment and a dedicated channel for Internet access.
+ Security
+ Installation of any software
+ Full control
– Price

All web projects need hosting, because without it it is impossible to be on the Internet.

We have analyzed all types of hosting, you just need to understand what you want, I personally recommend VPS for beginners. It combines value for money, but do not forget about personal preferences, if price is not important to you, then consider Colocation.

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