Discover all the Elden Ring endings

Discover all the Elden Ring endings

Elden Ring has managed to become one of the most interesting video games of recent times. This is endorsed by the multiple awards won to date, such as, for example, the award for best video game at the last Japan Game Awards held this year.

If you have already played Elden Ring , you will have been able to see the dimensions of this epic adventure and, perhaps, you have reached the end of the game. But to what end? Here we tell you the six possible outcomes and how to access them.

It’s also possible that you’ve heard of Elden Ring , but never played it. In that case, we tell you that this video game is the result of a collaboration between the director and designer Hidetaka Miyazaki and the acclaimed novelist of A Song of Ice and Fire , George RR Martin . It is developed by From Software and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment factory.

At this point, we tell you the six possible endings: Four related to becoming the Lord of the Circle and two secrets.

End of the Age of Fragility

We are facing the standard end of Elden Ring and, therefore, the easiest to achieve. To complete it you don’t need to do quests, just follow the path of the Two Fingers and defeat the main bosses . Once this is achieved, it will be enough to repair the Elden Circle to become the Lord of the Circle .

End of the Star Age

The character of the witch Ranni is crucial in Elden Ring and the protagonist of the end of the Star Age.

You will have to spend many hours of play to reach the outcome of the story, but here we summarize the necessary steps :

  • You will have a first encounter with Ranni at the beginning of the game, in the Elleh church.
  • You will lose sight of it and you will have to find it again. To do this, you have to follow Rogier’s quest thread.
  • Look for Blaidd in the river.
  • Meet up with Seluvis and keep an eye out for her magic potion.
  • Defeat Radahn to make the meteorite fall so you can go down to the eternal city of Nokron. Get the Fingerprint Blade and give it to Ranni.
  • Obtain the Cursed Seal of Death, the Astronomer’s Relic, and Ranni’s Doll. Lastly, go talk to her.
  • At the Ainsel River, get a key by defeating the Dire Shadow.
  • Open the chest located in Raya Lucaria’s academy with the key to get the ring of the black moon.
  • Cross the Lake of Putrefaction, defeat an Astel, and reach southwestern Liurnia to complete Ranni’s quest and put the ring on her.
  • Finally, you have to defeat the final boss, but beware, do not interact with the body, but with the summoning sign that you will find nearby.

End of the Darkborn Era

To access this ending you must be in possession of the repair rune of the prince of death . To do this, you need to complete the quests of two secondary characters: Fia and Rogier .

  • Unlock the round table and hug Fia.
  • Head to Stormshroud Castle and meet Rogier there. You will also need to beat Godrick.
  • Go down to the catacombs of the castle and advance until you find the pustule of the prince of death. Next to it you will discover a bloodstain.
  • Go back to the round table with Fia and Rogier. It is important that you exhaust the dialogue options of the two characters in order to continue and that they give you a clue about the whereabouts of the eye of the black daggers.
  • Go back to look for him in the catacombs and defeat the assassin with the black knives.
  • Give Rogier the Eye and he will ask you to get Ranni’s Seal of Death. (You will have to advance Ranni’s quest until you get it).
  • Defeat two big rune bosses and talk to Fia again, she will give you a dagger that you have to give to D at the round table.
  • Travel to the Midlands and return to the round table again. Fia is at the end of the blacksmith’s hall. He talks to her, exhausts the dialogue and waits for her to leave.
  • You have to get to the bottom of the deep root and once there, follow the steps to finish the mission of Fia. It is important that you remember this: she accepts her hug, asks her about the stigmata and chooses the option to speak in secret.
  • It’s your turn to face the lich dragon Fortissax in a complex battle, but when you defeat him, Fia will give you the repair rune of the prince of death.
  • Lastly, defeat the Circle Beast, choose to approach the wreckage and use the rune to see the end of the Darkborn Age.

End of the Age of Order

To enjoy this ending you will have to complete the Corhyn and Golden Mask quests and you must use the repair rune of the Perfect Order.

  • Start by talking to Brother Corhyn at the round table. Transfer to Raya Lucaria’s academy and wait for Corhyn to announce that he is going on a trip.
  • Follow him to Altus Plateau and exhaust the dialogue options. Find Golden Mask, return to Corhyn and tell him about him. Go back to Golden Mask.
  • Defeat two large rune bosses near Leyndell Coliseum and unravel the mystery of the statues with the Law of Regression enchantment.
  • Finish Corhyn’s quest, defeat Maliketh, and return to Leyndell, transformed into the city of ash.
  • Finally find Golden Mask to get the repair rune of the Perfect Order.

End of Blessing of Despair

We are facing one of the darkest endings of the Elden Ring , which will be reached with the quest of the Hexeater .

  • Get the curse of the seedbed number one.
  • Talk to Dregswag at the round table and he’ll give you the keys to the sewer prison.
  • Progress through Rya’s quest until you meet the Rogue.
  • Go to Leyndell, to the prison of the Zampaheces and there look for it in the north moat.
  • Go back to the round table and talk to him.
  • Now it’s time to find the other 4 curses from the hotbed.
  • Go back to the Dreg Eater’s cell and get the Curse of the Fallen Repair Rune and his armor.
  • Progress through the story until you defeat the final boss, interact with his body and select the rune to view the ending.

Lord of the Frenzied Flame Ending

This is, without a doubt, the most chaotic and difficult ending of Elden Ring . In addition, it has a peculiarity that you should know: this option will block all other endings and you will not be able to see any other. If you do not want this to happen, we recommend that you do not perform the ritual.

We briefly summarize the recommended steps to reach the end of the Lord of the frenzied flame:

  • Complete Irina and Edgar’s quests to get a Shabriri grape.
  • Complete Hyetta’s quest to get the seal and a Frenzied Flame Stone. You will become the Lord of the Frenzied Flame when you pass through the door of the same name.
  • Your character will undergo certain changes that you can reverse by chatting with Placidusax and handing over Miquella’s needle. (Here you have to finish the Millicent missions).
  • Once the changes are reversed, it’s time to defeat the final boss.

Secret Bonus Sequence

To enjoy it, you will need to fulfill each and every one of the requirements before defeating the Fire Giant of the Peaks of the Giants . Then, Melina will disappear and you will be able to see the sequence.


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