6 Advantages of Secretlab League of Legends

6 Advantages of Secretlab League of Legends

Secretlab has become a very popular gaming chair brand among gamers. This year, the brand released Secretlab League of Legends products with very satisfying quality. The gaming chairs from this series were warmly welcomed and highly recommended.

Of course, the gaming chair product presented through Secretlab League of Legends offers so many advantages. Before buying it, let’s first look at the advantages that Secretlab presents through this gaming chair product series:

1. Equipped with Magnetic Memory Foam

Comfort while playing games is clearly a priority for Secretlab. Gamers will also definitely need a gaming chair that can really provide comfort. That’s why Secretlab presents a chair product that is equipped with magnetic memory foam on the head pillow.

The latest design of this head pillow is the result of improvements to the previous version in order to support gamers’ body posture well. Moreover, gamers usually play games for a long time so that the head position must be made really comfortable.

The head pillow on this gaming chair will provide support for the base of the gamer’s head when in a neutral position. Then there is a special magnetic technology that helps the pillow to stretch wider when the gamer’s head position changes.

2. Ada Lumbar Support System

Another advantage offered by Secretlab League of Legends is the lumbar support system. This is a feature that will help relieve pressure when gamers sit down. This feature will also increase the comfort of gamers when sitting for long periods of time.

Lots of gamers have low back pain problems because they have to play games for a long time and sit in chairs that don’t support them. The risk of low back pain can be minimized thanks to the lumbar support system technology from Secretlab. 

The lumbar support system will provide the best support so gamers can achieve optimal posture when sitting on it. In addition, this system is also designed in such a way that it can work effectively for all people with different body postures.

3. Have a Quality Seat Base

This gaming chair has a quality seat base and can provide extra comfort for its users. Made from a mixture of cold-cure foam which is then designed with an optimal shape.

When sitting for too long, usually gamers will experience pain problems in the buttocks and tailbone. It takes a comfortable chair with a quality and perfectly designed seat base. That’s what Secretlab presents through this gaming chair series. 

The design of the seat base aims to minimize pressure when sitting so that it can be more comfortable and ergonomic. In addition, this quality seat base will also provide comfort when gamers change positions. Even after sitting for quite a while.

4. Made from the Latest Materials

Secretlab League of Legends is special because it uses the latest materials that are of course quality. The material used in this gaming chair is NEO hybrid leatherette. This material has very fine grain size so it will feel comfortable when touching the skin.

This Secretlab series gaming chair is also covered with quality leather. The texture is a fine knit that feels comfortable and looks exclusive. Secretlab also issued a claim that the leather material has very good tensile strength so it is durable.

Besides being comfortable and durable, the quality materials on this Secretlab gaming chair are also easy to maintain. The material is so easy to clean that it will keep its visuals looking as good as new. 

5. Simple but Stylish Design

This gaming chair has a design concept that looks very simple. However, from this simplicity, it actually makes its stylish impression even stronger. Highly recommended for gamers who want to get a new atmosphere in their gaming room.

A stylish appearance supported by complete and comfortable features makes this gaming chair a favorite. Besides being able to provide comfort, the gaming chair can also improve the mood of gamers so that the game can be more optimal. 

6. Passed the Trial

Secretlab has also carried out a series of trials that make this one gaming chair really worthy and of good quality. Of course, trials were carried out to ensure that the chair was comfortable to wear and ergonomic for gamers.

In this series of trials, it was also confirmed that the Secretlab collaboration gaming chair with the League of Legends game is suitable for various postures. All gamers with different body postures will feel the same comfort when using it. 

Secretlab League of Legends can be the right choice as a gaming friend for gamers. The quality is unquestionable and there are many new features that make it feel much more comfortable. Very accommodating for gamers who have to sit in front of the computer for a long time.


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