Battlefield 2042 season 1

Battlefield 2042 season 1

The start of Battlefield 2042 was not the one that Electronic Arts would have wanted. The new version of the classic shooter had quite unique and surprising novelties and ideas, but both its development and its application did not end up convincing a good part of its public. With the mind set on channeling the situation, the developer DICE has launched a first season that is an important facelift and adds much more content than we currently know.

The news will focus on improving a gaming experience that has been hampered by poorly applied promises, by multiple problems that have had to be solved with various patches and with the delay of various content. And although the news will be focused on the playable level, it will also seek to improve the optimization of the game.

In short, the first season, known as Zero Hour, will contain a new map, an extra character and several more weapons , in addition to a renewed battle pass that will have completely new rewards. We compile all the new information below so you don’t miss a thing.

What you need to know about Battlefield 2042 Season 1

This will be the new Battlefield 2042 map

Exhibition will be the great novelty of the game in Zero Hour. It will continue to focus on vertical combat, as the main idiosyncrasy of the game, and its environments will be reminiscent of northern Canada , both for its enormous hectares of open air and natural features. Closed environments will also be included, such as buildings to take command posts and scenarios for a better battle in the vehicle zones.

The most prominent locations are a corridor where the car fights will take place and a drop near the objective capture area. There we will be able to perfectly test the two new helicopters included in the update: the RAH-68 Huron from Russia and the YG-99 Hannibal from the USA. These have two groundbreaking new mechanics: the possibility of avoiding the missiles of lockdown , plus new weapons with which to lay waste to assault infantry.

Lis, new specialist of Battlefield 2042

To make a little counter to this greater presence of helicopters in the game, there is the new character, Evelina Lis, focused on combat against vehicles and whose main ability is to detect them from kilometric distances as long as they have been attacked or have launched a PEM.

His signature weapon will be a rocket launcher that can target a vehicle and launch a guided and manned missile at it through a television. Don’t expect a lot of damage, but it can help you pinpoint opponents on the map or zone them.

The new weapons in the Battlefield 2042 arsenal

The new map and the specialist suppose, in principle, a greater importance of the vehicles in the meta of the game. But to alleviate this focus, DICE has added three new weapons to balance it out. It is the Ghostmaker R10 bolt launcher , which uses anti-infantry ammunition and explosives; the BSV-M Marksman Rifle , which focuses on mid-range combat despite its low rate of play, and a Smoke Grenade Launcher that uses a wide variety of bullets.

The new Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Battle Pass

Season 1 supposes the existence of a battle pass, which will have a free mode with 30 levels of rewards and another VIP with 70 levels and whose price is around €10 and which will provide players with a series of prizes based on objectives, ranging from experience boosts, cosmetics, skins, and character customization upgrades, as well as Battlefield Coins that you can use to buy more stuff in the in-game store.

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