Connect anywhere with a portable WiFi modem

We are increasingly dependent on the Internet, our phones are continuously connected, we use applications of all kinds and on many occasions, the use of this technology is necessary to perform tasks related to the workplace. Many people telecommute and need to keep their computers connected at all times and cannot rely on public WiFi connections .

And for this reason it is possible that you need to connect with your computer while you are on vacation without exhausting the data rate of your Smartphone by sharing your megabytes with the computer. There is a simple solution that will help you solve these problems: portable WiFi modems.

What is a portable WiFi modem

The portable WiFi modem is a device that will allow you to connect to the Internet with your computer anywhere as long as you have mobile coverage . These devices are ideal for when you are on vacation in a place without connection and need to access the Internet with your computer or spend a lot of time traveling by train or bus, for example, and use your computer to work.

Without a doubt, one of its advantages is that they are very small in size and allow a very good 4G connection. You just have to connect them, configure them and start browsing.

You must bear in mind that these work with a SIM card , so you will have to contract a specific data rate to be able to use it with any of the companies in our country. Some offer very competitive rates with many gigabytes for very little money.

Characteristics of a good portable WiFi modem

To choose a good router you must take into account a series of considerations. Although the devices you will find today are very powerful and affordable, you can get great performance out of them if you take into account some parameters:

portable modem speed

As it is a portable device, its maximum connection speed will be much lower than that provided by fixed fiber optic or ADSL installations. In order to have a satisfactory experience and acquire a competent WiFi in terms of speed, you should make sure that the router has at least 150 Megabytes per second . At this point, coverage also comes into play, which will mean that the speed and connection may be reduced compared to other methods.

On the other hand, since most of these devices allow the connection of different equipment, it will not be necessary for the router to be connected to the computer. These work wirelessly and have a range of up to 10 meters.

Battery and autonomy

There are portable modems with which you can connect to the Internet just by plugging them into the electrical outlet . These are very useful when you are going to have them in a place where you know you have an electrical network, such as an apartment on vacation.

But, in the event that you want to use it anywhere, you must take into account the battery with which they are equipped. This will determine how many hours you can use your device on a single charge.

The duration of the battery is usually around 8 hours on average , but you should also take into account the use you will make of it, the time you use it, the connected devices, the downloads you make or the network you are using since it does not it is the same to use 3G than 4G. The second will always produce a higher battery consumption.

router configuration

You should make sure that it is easy to install and configure . No one will come to your house to configure it when you need to connect, so this is essential.

It will be the user who must configure their own equipment, so the best option is that it can be done through a web configuration or through an application installed on your mobile.

You already know what the keys are to get a good portable WiFi modem, now you just have to decide on one of the models that are offered in the market. Enjoying the Internet everywhere is simple and cheap, since the purchase of one of these devices is on average between 50 and 100 euros . A valuable piece of your digital desk that, however, when carried up and down, you may prefer to protect. 


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