The Excitement of Mario Game Online

Mario Game Online

In 1985, Nintendo developed and published a platform game called Super Mario Bros. This online Mario game presents levels in each section and its distinctive character development. This game became one of the standards for home video games.

Now the sophistication of technology makes everything easier, especially for super mario lovers. Only by using a device such as a PC/cell phone that is connected to the internet. Various kinds of Super Mario games can be played. Of course, all these games are as exciting and fun as the original game.

Game Mario Games Online

Players play as Mario, a man with a mustache who wears red overalls and a brown shirt. In two player mode, the game is played in turns as the second controller, Luigi, Mario’s younger brother.

Luigi’s appearance is almost the same as his brother but different colors by using a white jumpsuit and green shirt. The objective of the game is to travel the Mushroom Kingdom, rescue Princess Toadstool and destroy or fight Bowser’s warriors.

The game consists of 8 levels each with 4 sublevels. Enemies in this game will be destroyed if stepped on while jumping. During gameplay, Mario earns coins and other bonuses by touching blocks with question marks.

To grow Mario’s power, players must get a red mushroom. Mario’s power will increase and he can shoot projectiles when he gets sparks. Players only have 3 opportunities, but it will increase if the player gets a green mushroom.

The 5 Best Super Mario Bros Games on Android

In the development of video games, Android-based games have a very large number of enthusiasts. Fortunately, this online Mario-themed game is available in the Android version.

There are even those made directly by the makers of Nintendo’s version of Super Mario Bros. Here are some online versions of Mario-themed online games:

1. Super Mario Run Gim

Nintendo presents Super Mario Bros for Android so fans of the super Mario game won’t be disappointed. The name of the game, this time is Super Mario Run. The number of downloads has reached more than 800 thousand times after being recently present on the Playstore.

Super Mario Run is known for being fun and addicting, just like Nintendo’s version of Super Mario. Players can play as the Super Mario character who saves Princess Peach at the end of the adventure.

Super Mario Run not only offers the same game play as Nintendo but also has three modes namely Kingdom Builder, Toad Rally and World Tour.

2. Super Bino Go Game

Super Bino Go can be played in the same way as the famous super Mario game. During his adventure, the player becomes Super Mario who has to collect all the coins he finds.

The player will face various obstacles and challenges when the player collects coins. These obstacles and challenges, in the form of monsters that can eat players at any time.

Besides being fun Super Bino Go offers a variety of challenges including very difficult levels. Has 7 islands with 140 levels which will be updated regularly in this game.

Apart from that, there are also 7 bosses who are ready to fight and defeat the players. Also, the game Super Bino Go also guarantees good control and is identical to Super Mario as usual.

3. Game Lep’s World

The next online Mario game is Lep’s World. Don’t want to be left behind with other games with the Super Mario concept. Dunia Lep’s (Lep’s World) also produces games that are fun and ready to challenge players at different levels.

The game Lep’s World is said to have more than 136 levels to fight. Apart from that, there are different areas or six backgrounds for players to play in. Even Lep’s World expands its features with 9 different enemies or monsters for players to face.

4. Super Adventure Game: Jungle Adventure

Island.std is also one of the Android game developers with the Super Mario concept. They called the game Super Adventure: Jungle Adventure. Not much different from the previous game, in this game players are also asked to go on an adventure to collect coins.

But here is a mission where players have to save a girl. The road to the safety of a woman is not easy because there are many other obstacles. Game Adventure Super Jungle World as the name implies, this game will invite players to adventure in the wilderness.

However, in the forest there are many challenges and obstacles that get in the way. These obstacles are in the form of monsters that are ready to eat players at any time.

Don’t forget to collect coins while the player is on an adventure. The reason is, every coin collected will be accumulated as a player’s score at the end of the game.

That’s some information about online mario games that can be played by super mario bros fans. Playing this game can make players feel nostalgic about this childhood game.

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