The Importance of Effective Influence and Persuasion

The Importance of Effective Influence and Persuasion

There are many books, courses, workshops and thought leaders who attempt to share how you can become more influential and more persuasive but many of them use examples or experiments which have never taken place or cannot be applied in the work place. Some techniques, methods or tools of increasing your levels of influence and persuasion have become outdated as the world changes. Instead of a one size fits all approach to influence and persuasion, clients are using data to help guide their marketing efforts.

We spoke to sales speaker and professional keynote speaker Duncan Stevens who said this:

“In the current technological age dominated by social media, brands, companies’ teams and leaders often turn to specialists to help them influence others to purchase their products or services. If these influence techniques shared are executed correctly, this will lead to more clients, more profitability and increased brand awareness and visibility in their market. I have been helping companies and leaders become more persuasive and effective for over a decade and whilst we have more data to help tailor our influence approach, many of the techniques and science behind influence and persuasion remains the same. The problem with many companies or individuals they are not executing their influence approach with any level of finesse.

There is no silver bullet, or one size fits all approach to influence and often some of the simplest influence techniques are overlooked. Companies, teams, and leaders bring me in to their business to help them sell more, convert more customers, overcome objections and navigate difficult situations. I either deliver my keynote presentations or my masterclasses or workshops. In these I share my Effective Influence Model which helps clients really move the needle on their influencing abilities and turn more no’s or maybes into yesses.

Many of the clients I work with are great at what they do but are simply not getting the results they want or deserve. I take them from good to great and from great to excellent. The programs I have developed make influence and persuasion easy to understand and apply and 99% of my clients see a massive return on investment”.

Influence and persuasion are ultimately driven by the behavioural science principles of psychology. Whether we have the same income level, job, family number, make the same lifestyle choices, have similar interests or hobbies we all essentially have a different perspective on the world. A different perspective means that we are all influenced in a different way.

Imagine for a second you had used your new-found influencing skills to secure a purchase of a beautiful new house overlooking the sea with your own private beach. In your frustration at seeing holiday makers and tourists wandering across your’ newly purchased beach front plot you decide to erect a sign.

Take the example of the wording on the two signs below.




Some may be more influenced by one than the other. Conversely, some people may have a complete disregard for both signs. The first sign is a more informational form of communication in that it seeks to inform people’s attitudes. The second is a more behavioural form of communication which has a deeper motivation and more compelling argument. Duncan shares his insights, thoughts and approach to influence and persuasion through his Duncan Stevens website or you can lean more through the Influence Association.

For more information, you can visit Duncan’s keynote speaking website to see how he can help your brand, company, team or leader become more persuasive and more effective.

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