Top 10 Best Programming Languages in the World

Programming languages are the programmer’s computer language used to develop software programs, scripts, or other sets of computer instructions to execute. There are different programming languages list which helps to create different types of web applications, websites, Softwares, etc. Below we have the list of best programming languages of the world so let’s have a look:

List of Best Programming Languages


Java is one of the programming language and platform that is most popular and widely used. A platform is an environment in which programs written in any programming language are built and run. Java is the basis for the Android operating system and opted to make a range of back-end apps about 90 percent fortune 500 businesses. I wouldn’t hesitate to take Apache Hadoop data processing with the biggest excitement, run by Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure.


Python is one of the user-friendly, general-purpose programming language on my list here. What’s it like? Python’s syntax, like Java, is clear, intuitive, and almost English-like. The “object-based” subset of Python is similar to JavaScript somewhere. If you’re interested in making your back-end development career, like Django – Open Source Framework, it’s written in python, making learning simple and feature-packed, but popular. Python also has a variety of applications making it versatile and strong.


JavaScript is a client-side scripting language in which the source code is handled by the client’s web browser fairly than a web server. It is commonly used in web development in order to give the web content a dynamic and interactive element because of which the page becomes more interactive as it allows the page to react on events, create cookies and detect user browser.


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, a programming language for general purposes. It is clearly a scripting language that runs on a server and is used to create HTML-written web pages. It’s popular because for new programmers it’s free, cheap, easy to set up and easy to use. This fact would seriously amaze you, the language that was created to maintain Rasmus ‘ Personal Home Page (PHP), has actually taken over around 83 percent of websites globally by today.


C is the oldest programming language that is still popular and still many people’s first choice. C was a handful’s parent language; some derive either from C or are inspired by its syntax, constructs, and paradigms, including Java, Objective-C, and C#. The Linux operating system is based on C and CPP is C’s hybrid release. C++ is an object-oriented programming language that is based on C, and higher-level programs are favored over others.


Swift is profoundly influenced by Python and Ruby and has been developed to be user-friendly and fun. Swift is seen as quicker, simpler, and easier to read and debug than its predecessor, Objective-C. Compared to other open-source languages, you may not find many Swift developers around you.

Recent surveys say that Swift is only used by 8.1 percent of the 78,000 respondents, which is lower than others. And Swift is considered less reliable with each new release due to frequent updates.


If you are talking about the powerful programming languages then C-sharp holds a strong position in that case. It is a powerful programming language which was developed by Microsoft in 2000. C-sharp is used to build desktop applications and, more recently, Windows 8/10 applications, needing a. NET framework to operate. In short, creating web applications, desktop applications, and proving itself in VR, 2D, and 3D gaming is fine. Written in C #, cross-platform applications like Xamarin make it usable with all phones.


It is a web development framework also known as “RoR” or “Rails”. It is an open-source web development framework based on object-oriented programming language. The main feature of Ruby on Rails that makes it different from any other framework lies in ease of use and speed. Changes are immediately applied that are made to the application without consuming any time.

It also helps to minimize the development step which helps to develop the web-application much faster. It also supports different types of servers and database like DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL and also consists of packages like Action web services, active record, action mailer, active resources, etc.


Objective-C programming is a language used for programming activities for general purposes. While it is not specific to any specific platform or system, a variety of other frameworks can be greatly helped. The programming of Objective-C adds messaging capabilities to the programming language called C.

Objective-C is great for memory management; compilers are available to convert Objective-C code into static code analysis, which will then be used by the language to sort useful information and “garbage” into two separate categories.


SQL is Structured Query Language, the best programming languages for database operation. It includes data stored in a relational database being stored, manipulated and retrieved. Today SQL is used across internet platforms and applications for databases. You can have better command over data discovery and successful decision-making if you are well versed in SQL. If you plan to opt as your career for database management, first go through C or C++. SQL developers are in high demand and reputable companies have proposed high pay scales.

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