What does Amazon Prime offer you?

Having Amazon Prime allows you to save shipping costs, subscriptions to television platforms, etc., but also, you will save a lot of time, which you will not spend doing paperwork and traveling that are included in this service. You just have to pay the subscription fee or get it for free, do you want to know how?

The advantages of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is not just free shipping . If you have signed up for this service, you have surely taken advantage of a promotion or even gotten your free quota, but that is not all: discover all the advantages that you have included, in addition to free shipping costs.

Many come to Amazon Prime for one main reason: shipping costs are free on purchases. However, the fee entitles you to many interesting advantages that are worth learning about to get the most out of them.

What does Amazon Prime include?

When you pay the annual Amazon Prime subscription fee and sign up, you become part of a select and large group of people from all over the world who have many services at their disposal.

Music: Amazon Music

50 million songs make up Amazon’s music offer and with your Prime account you have 40 hours every month for free, if you exceed the limit, the music is cut off, unless you decide to invest 10 euros for unlimited access to Amazon Prime Music.

Movies and series: Amazon First Video.

There are a good number of famous series that can be followed on Amazon Prime Video. In addition, the most demanding moviegoers say that it is worth looking into his filmography, there are more than attractive titles.

Books: Prime Reading

If you are one of those who read more, devour books and have Amazon Prime, you are in luck. Although quantity is more than quality, according to many users, your reading device will thank you and it’s never too late to discover new writers.

Photos: Amazon Photos.

Do you still risk losing your photos by storing them only on mobile? Download them: Amazon Photos allows you to back up, organize and share your photos and videos from your mobile, computer or other devices.

Urgent purchases: Amazon Now

When things can’t wait, you’ll appreciate having a Premium account on Amazon. If you live in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the Amazon Now service is designed for you and guarantees you receive your order in just two hours and completely free.

No more going to the supermarket: Amazon Pantry

As a Prime customer, all purchases you make at Amazon Pantry , Amazon’s supermarket, also arrive at your home free and fast.

Amazon family: 15 percent discount.

The little ones in the family have a relevant position for Amazon too, which is why they offer their Prime customers a 15 percent discount on a wide selection of diapers that, of course, you receive at home with maximum comfort and minimal waste. weather.

gamer zone

If you want to be the first to play your favorite video game , listen to the new album by your favorite singer or enjoy your favorite movie on DVD, it is clear that the Prime service is for you, since you also have the right to shipments with guaranteed delivery on the same day of the launch.