Xebec Triple-Screen Laptop Workstation| Upcoming Laptop 2020

Xebec triple-screen laptop is a new three-screen laptop, created to provide an extended desktop that enables you to spread out your apps that you are still working directly from your laptop. It is a triple screen workstation laptop launched through Kickstarter and it is now available to back with the early bird pledges from $349.

Imagine you are working in front of the computer, you may need more space for all the applications and the tools that you use. What if you work on a laptop also? Therefore, the XEBEC triple-screen laptop is on the way to remove all your space.


Xebec triple-screen laptop brings the convenience of external monitors from the offices with you on the road, or everywhere with a compact, portable, and lightweight all in one package.

Xebec triple-screen laptop is equipped with two different ultra-thin, lightweight slidable screens. By using power directly from your laptop, this laptop provides you from relying on the outlets. This laptop takes a few seconds to set up and teardown.

The screens are compatible with both Apple Mac system and PC and fit the laptop with the screens from 10 to 20 inches in size and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The screens are powered through a Micro USB connection and connect to the USB port on your laptop.


  • Xebec expands profitability by 44%.
  • Xebec Monitors when and where you need them
  • It is perfect, compact and uncommonly intended for movement
  • Zero extra work area space

XEBEC laptop contains a kickstand, 2 x Micro-USB Cables and 2 x HDMI Cables. In order to make it working, at first, you have to set up a XEBEC triple-screen laptop. At first, you have to attach your screens and then slide it and connect. Now, you can use this laptop with three different screens attaching to the same monitor.

In 2017, Razer presented a prototype but unfortunately, it was stolen and the interest in that project died out. Recently, Apple has also launched Sidecar, a Mac OS Catalina functionality that provides us to use our IPad as a secondary display.

Now, Kickstarter is supporting Xebec where we can get a unit with two different screens for $ 349. If all the work goes according to the plan, then a XEBEC laptop is expected to be released in 2020.

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