YouTube Channel Ideas- Top 10 Ideas that will help you to Make Money

Many people want to earn money from the youtube channel. It is the best way to make some money. In this article we have listed some best youtube channel ideas for 2020.

Many people are interested in becoming YouTubers because it provides a good platform to earn a good amount of money.

Before creating your very first YouTube Channel, you would probably like to find some best youtube channel ideas to earn a lot of money.

The following given are some of the best channel ideas that will help you to create your video.

Best youtube channel ideas for 2020

1.Video Gaming

Now a day many gamers are involved in the live streaming of video games. It is one of the best ways to earn money.

Many people search for youtube channel ideas for gamers and enjoy watching other gamers playing different games. While playing games gamer gives live commentary which helps other gamers to play the games.

There are many youtube channels featuring the live streaming of video games like PewDiePie who has 100 million youtube subscribers.

You can give knowledge about the gameplay, tips, and tricks to your audience.

2.Personal Vlogging

If you are searching for the easiest way to earn the money then personal vlogging is the best idea for the youtube channel. Other people might find the things happening in your life interesting which seems to be simple and ordinary for you.

For making personal vlog you don’t have to invest lots of money in resources and equipment. You just need a camera and a microphone and then you can just share the things happening in your daily life.

You can share your opinion, share your experience or also can motivate the viewer with your life experience.

3.Product/Service Review

If you are looking for a fast result for your youtube channel then the product review channel will be the best youtube channel idea for technology bloggers.

Before buying any gadget or services people used to look at their review and only if they find that product convincing then only they purchase that product.

The product review will help you to get subscribers very fast but for that, you need to make a good budget because in starting you might not get a sponsor for the product so you need to buy that product for the review. But as time passes it will be easy to run the channel.

4.Traveling Vlogs

For YouTube videos, traveling is a popular topic. This can easily be paired with social vlogging.

Even if you don’t travel far from home, it will still be fun to share your experiences with people who don’t live in your city.

If you have travel resources, consider capturing your journeys in cityscapes or landscapes of destination. In reality, your viewers can get an inside look at the place, helping them decide to take a vacation they will never forget or save money on a trip they will regret.

All you need to do is take your camera wherever you’re traveling.

5.Unboxing Videos

Unboxing in the youtube channel is the trending idea for youtube. There are hundreds of youtube channel featuring unboxing video.

Unboxing video is fun to do as well as such videos attract the audience as well. If you are able to produce cool unboxing videos then within a short period of time you can make money.

Making an unboxing video doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the gadget or smartphones. You can do an unboxing of toys, shoes, fashion wears, food packages, etc. according to your interest.

6.Food Review

If you’re a foodie and enjoy trying out new places and restaurants in the area, it’s for you to start a food review site.

The best part is you don’t have to compete with big studio networks or foreign YouTubers. Only targeting the area you live in and surrounding is easier.

You don’t have to travel to make a good channel for reviewing the restaurant either. You can concentrate on your local restaurants.

This will mean that your channel will be less profitable. When dining out isn’t your thing, the food you purchase from the shops can be checked.

People are always interested in seeing the views of food from other people, and people are always looking to try new food ideas.

7.Comedy/Reaction Video

Comedy channels are the one kind of network that creates more viral videos than any other. It is a category that can be applied to so many video types.

Throughout their videos, most of the most popular YouTubers use comedy or humor, even though the main topic is something else.

You can make videos from stories, mimic someone, become a comedian stand-up, or just roast a famous celebrity.

However you decide, people will watch, share, and subscribe to you if your content is decent. If you can put a smile on people’s faces, they’ll share your videos and take off your YouTube analytics.


Lifehacks are my favorite videos that I can watch for hours without getting bored. Lifehacks videos are interesting to watch because there you find amazing hacks that you can implement in your daily life.

If you know some hacks regarding the makeup, cooking or household hacks then you can create your own youtube channel.

Through the lifehack channel, you can show the best way to save money and also demonstrate your creativity level.

9.Health & Fitness tips

The first place that many people go to find health and fitness tips is YouTube. There are many people who are health conscious and love to maintain their health.

Health and fitness is a very popular niche that accounts for quite a large number of viral videos that are widely shared.

Workout videos are especially popular because it’s much easier to follow a workout on video than it is to follow a workout from a book.


Making a tutorial video is also one of the best ways to enter in youtube channel.

You can create an educational tutorial video where you can teach your audience online or you can make any kind of tutorial video in which which you can teach something valuable.

People love to watch tutorial videos because instead of reading books, joining some classes it is better to learn through youtube.


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