5 Best Payment Gateway Plugins for Your WordPress Site?

The rapid evolution of technology and eCommerce has led to the rise of payment gateways that are becoming one of the most versatile tools for both merchants and potential customers to manage the process of payments in a better and more intuitive way. In particular, it isn’t considered a difficult and tedious task to find a payment gateway today. 

Although picking up the best-integrated payment gateway plugin is very important because this tool can help you to simplify the buying process, it also pushes them to make an enormous number of purchases. Whether it’s picking up the best payment gateway, online businesses and eCommerce play a versatile role in measuring customer information in a safe and secure order. Instead, you’ll have to first learn about the payment method, or you should already know about it. Hence, this article sheds light on some of the best payment gateway plugins that will skyrocket your WordPress site to the next level.

  • WP EasyPay-Square for WordPress.

WP EasyPay is a safe and secure integrated payment solution that integrates the Square payment gateway into your WordPress site for accepting online payments. If you’re seeking the best square integrated payment plugin for your WordPress site, then WP EasyPay can be the ideal source to start receiving payments in terms of credit card payments. It has a unique set of shortcodes that can be used to make the button that Square can use to make payment forms on your WordPress site.

WP EasyPay is a perfect plugin for accepting single and recurring payments, monthly subscriptions, and regular donations. Always satisfy your one-time payment needs and easily maintain your business operations via WP EasyPay. The latest version has improved the form builder, subscription run and pause functionality, multi-step form, multiple number of layouts, forms, and email tags, etc.

  • WooSquare Plus

WooSquare Plus is an easy-to-use, full-featured Square for WooCommerce plugin that easily connects the WooCommerce store to your Square payment gateway. It quickly moves orders, refunds, and inventory from the WooCommerce platform to the Square platform and back again.

Customers can save their cards on files with WooSquare Plus.It is fully compatible with the Cartflows plugin to develop conversion-optimized sales funnels and incorporate them with the WooCommerce pre-orders extension to enable users to sell the products and services before they are available online. WooSquare Plus is compatible with Google Pay, Square Gift Card Pay, and Square Modifiers. 

  • WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

The WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is the most flexible and result-oriented payment gateway to receive multiple credit card and digital payments on your website. WooCommerce has ample reasons to choose Stripe as a suitable payment gateway, and it is fully compatible with all the preferred debit or credit cards. It enables buyers to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and vice versa. 

Most consumers can stay happy on your website through the checkout, and it executes quite quickly on your personal computer and smartphones. Hence, this plugin drives recurring payments and can easily be used with any WordPress membership extension or subscription. 

  • Mobile Payments for WooCommerce

Mobile payment gateways for WooCommerce are full-fledged payment plugins readily available for the WooCommerce industry. It supports a built-in model for checkout and POS, which seems to be impartial and easy-to-configure, and the user can easily classify their payment method within a few easy steps. In particular, the user can get a variety of free plugins from the WordPress community-based directories.

A professional version is available for download from their official website.Furthermore, the pro version offers a sustainable amount of scalability for its potential customers. It is highly compatible with the WooCommerce memberships for recurrent payments, including credit cards. Hence, if you use this plugin, you aren’t liable to organize any sort of shopping cart.

  • WP Simple Payment

WP Simple Pay is a seamless and robust plugin that helps users set up a simple and user-friendly payment solution for selling digital products and subscriptions on their blog or website. The plugin is called Stripe and enables you to process multiple credit card payments on your website.

It consists of multiple features, including a simple and modernized payment form that enables you to remain upfront, get rid of complicated and long checkout forms, and let customers make payments with a few clicks.

Wrapping Up

Significantly, choosing a suitable payment plugin for your WordPress site can be a tedious task. But with the perfect approach, you can easily pick up the right payment plugin that fully suits your business needs and preferences. So, the above plugins show some of the best payment gateway plugins that will help your brand go to the next level.


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