Top 5 Best and Popular Android Find My Phone Apps for 2020

If you are looking for the best android find my phone app then you are welcome to this article. Nobody wants to lose their smartphones as there is much information on your phones which you can’t afford losing. You can protect your information and your mobile phones with the help of the following mentioned best android find my phone apps.

List of Android Find My Phone

1. Google Find My Device

You will need this app installed on your phone and a Google account to connect to your computer for this application to work. So, just visit “Google Find My Phone” on the screen of your computer if you misplaced, lost, or someone stole your Android phone. Log in to your account and you will see the list of devices linked to your account.


  • Show the mobile location on the google map.
  • Play sound in your mobile device.
  • Erase all the google account and lock your device.

2. Family Locator

It allows you with your family and friends to create a collective and then you can keep track of where they are via their smartphone. As you can imagine, if somebody loses them, it helps to recover smartphones. The upside is you can control who you or your phone can find. The downside is this software is a locator for individuals, not a locator for phones.


  • Locate the place of the mobile phone.
  • Track the history of the phone location.
  • Track the GPS of multiple phones.

3. Find My Phone Android

You can send an action to your stolen phone with the help of this app. You can type messages such as locking the device, activating the phone’s alarm, and asking for a guide to the location of the phone. But you will need a  second phone to be able to do any of the above-mentioned apps. And, using this app, you can use this tool to sign in your credentials.


  • Helps to locate the GPS
  • Locks the phone
  • Share the phone location

4. Anti-Theft Security

This is one of the Google Play store’s best free phone-finding applications. It comes with a ton of safety features that can be used and triggered via SMS. It can cause an action such as making the phone ring, wiping records, switching on the flashlight, and more simply by sending a code via SMS to your stolen phone with this app.


  • Take a selfie and produce a large alarm.
  • Lock the smartphone remotely.
  • Factory reset.

5. Manufacturer Phone Finder

Many manufacturers have had my phone apps built into their OEM skins, including HTC, Apple, and Samsung. Generally speaking, you need to sign up through the agency for an account. You can then locate your phone using that account. The services are usually free, and when you first turn on your mobile,  the phone will generally ask you to set up such accounts.


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