Career Counselling In IT | CSITAN Pokhara

CSITAN Pokhara had organised a programme recently. The main topic of the programme was “Career Counselling in IT”. It was the pre-event of the main event “Career Conclave” happening soon. The main motive of the programme was to share the knowledge, idea, applications and future of IT in Nepal. The participants were quite big in number. About 100 people attended that programme. The programme lasted till 3 hours. CSITAN Pokhara managed to call some professionals in their respected field to enhance the knowledge about the Career in IT in Nepal. Students attending that programme were seem to be satisfied by the things they heard.

Sushil Adhikari, chief guest, Principal of Soch College of IT, Chaitanya Adhikari, PCM Principal, Devendra Sharma ISMT College Administrative Officer, CSIT Association of Nepal, President, Gokul Ghimire (Speaker), CSIT Association of Nepal, General Secretary, Sudeep Paudel(Speaker), Gyaneshwor Dhungana, Lecturer Prithivi Narayan Campus, Pitam Bahadur Sen, Founder and CEO Web page Nepal. Co-Founder WordPress Pokhara, SKEIN SOFTWARE BUILDERS Co-Founder and Entrepreneur Chandra Mohan Banjade attended the programme as guests and speakers.

They all shared their knowledge to the attendees and attendees were seem to be quite satisfied by their speech. The topics such as  How to choose a career? How to start a career? Which IT course fits you? What skills are required after the college life? Can you get the job with your degree? Does degree matters or skills? etc, etc were explained by the speakers.

CSITAN Pokhara also managed a panel discussion where students were given a chance to ask any questions. The questions were quite interesting. It feels so good to know that our Nepali students are interested in taking the IT courses and they have so much questions to ask. The panel discussion went as expected. So many questions and so many knowledge and idea sharing happened during the session.

After the panel discussion session, CSITAN Pokhara gave the certificate of appreciation to the speakers and guests who attended the programme. At last they took a group photo and the programme was successfully closed after the speech of the president of CSITAN Pokhara , Aadim Adhikari.


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