From Tomorrow Nepal Telecom will Provide a Free Service

Nepal Telecom (NTC) is the number 1 telecommunication services provider in Nepal. From tomorrow, Nepal Telecom is going to provide a free service for all those ntc users who don’t have balance (money) on their smartphone.

Due to lockdown, all the places have been closed. There is a lack of everything in the market. Many store has been closed. In this pandemic situation, Telecom is going to provide a free service for those who could not buy a recharge card or couldn’t talk and use the internet facility though the electronic payment.

To provide some help in this pandemic, Nepal Telecom has also started to provide more facilities to its customers in this hard time.

NTC will directly send a message after finding the SIM card with zero balance on their own users. And those who repeatedly try to talk to others with zero balance will get free service to talk with others.

All the details of the customers are being collected by the Managing director of Nepal Telecom Delhi Adhikari. The team members of Telecom is preparing to implement this service from tomorrow. From Tomorrow, Telecom will provide 25SMS, 50-minute voice, and 100MB of data for free to all the NTC users.

In this situation, NTC is providing a 100% bonus on recharge to the customers with the NTC network. All the recharges that are made above Rs.10 will be credited with the same amount in their account as a bonus. This service is effective and reliable from March 25, 2020. The recharge in GSM, CDMA prepaid and the postpaid services can be done via recharge card or the MPOS (online).


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