How to Change Google Play Payments Account

Google Play Payments Account

In the basic settings on google play, they don’t provide any option for how to change Google play payment account when making purchases in the app. Therefore we need another way that can be used so that this can be realized.

In contrast to the past where many people are still unfamiliar with online payments. Now many people use online payments, including buying paid applications to get excellent features that are not available in free applications.

1. Changing Google Play Payment Account Through Main Account

For how to change the Google Play payment account , there is the first way that can be done, namely through the main account. This account is used as a key so that this method can run smoothly, so make sure the account has been properly verified by email and remembers the password.

This is done because the user purchases Google services through the main account first. At this step without changing the main account first, this method cannot be done properly.

  • Open the settings on the android smartphone
  • Look for the Google account menu at the bottom of the settings
  • Enter the main email selection and change the payment account.
  • Select the article called Manage Account on this Device.
  • Take out the main linked account replaced with the Google account you want to use for payments.
  • Then buy the desired application via Google Play.
  • A dialog box will appear and prompt the user to enter a Google account.
  • Enter the google account that will be used.
  • Follow the instructions until the payment is complete.

This method is actually quite easy to do and is very simple and very effective for in-app payments that don’t allow changing accounts. However, if there are steps that are not properly carried out, this method may fail and encounter obstacles.

2. Changing the Google Play Payment Account Through the Application

Now there are many free applications but require paid content in them. An example is some online games that offer skins in them. There are also games that provide free access but there are special access that can only be accessed by paying.

This need makes some people inevitably have to have the Google Play payment method on their cellphone. For Android smartphones, all content in the application can be purchased via Google Play payments only.

To make payments within the application, users will be able to choose which account is used for payment. How to change the google play payment account is as follows:

  • Open the Google play app as usual
  • Select the round profile photo icon
  • Pilih add another Account.
  • The user will be asked to log in to another Google account.
  • Finish the process and go to the application that requires payment.
  • A pop up will appear which account to use for payment and not use the main account continuously.

This method can be used for several online games such as mobile legends and free fire. This second method or method is certainly more concise than the first because it is simpler and faster.

3. Changing Google Play Payment Account with Another Merchant

Apart from being able to only use Google Play Credit which can be filled with top ups, Google Play payments can also apparently use payments via other merchants. There are many merchants that have been integrated with Google Play to support the payment process.

Users can choose to make payments through several available accounts. For example, users can choose to pay via Go Pay, Dana, Shopeepay accounts, and can even use Telkomsel credit. 

  • Open the google play store app.
  • Find an application or an item that you want to buy, whether it’s a paid book or movie.
  • Click buy on the item in question.
  • The user will be presented with a choice of which account to use for payment.
  • There are several options available and the user is asked to choose an account.
  • After clicking, the user will be directed to the application where payment is selected, for example gopay or funds.
  • Complete the payment within the specified time.
  • When the payment is successful, the item already belongs to the user.

When the main Google Play payment account can be replaced, the user will be flexible to use another account to make payments. If the main account has been changed as the payment method then it will be used as the payment account for everything related to the play store.

However, users are also given other options that can be used as payment accounts. This option will appear when a payment pop up appears by pressing another account.

That’s what can be said regarding how to change Google Play payment accounts that are easy to implement. It’s easier to change accounts, this is quite different from a few years ago where the options provided by Google were still very limited.

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