How to Make Swipe Up on Instagram Without 10K Easily

How to Make Swipe Up on Instagram Without 10K Easily

For Instagram users, you must be familiar with the Swipe Up feature that can appear on Instagram Stories. This feature is only available for Instagram accounts that already have 10K followers. But if you don’t have it, then how to make Swipe Up on Instagram without 10K will be the basic details of the main method to set.

To make this feature, the user must apply two main methods systematically. These two methods should be applied sequentially. In addition to this information, information about the benefits of its features will also be provided. To find out, see the following series of information:

Create IGTV

The method or how to make Swipe Up on Instagram without the initial 10K can be enabled by using the IGTV service with a comprehensive concept. This process is the first step that can be applied if the number of Instagram followers does not reach 10K. If detailed, this process will not be difficult.

Especially if Instagram users are familiar with the IGTV feature, then the process of making it will not be difficult and the structure is easy to implement. But for those who are not familiar, it will be difficult in the process of making it to completion.

In this explanation, several descriptions of the process that can be applied to make Swipe Up will be given. Curious about the sequence of steps according to the procedure? To find out, see the details and descriptions below:

  • The first group of steps that can be applied is by logging into a personal Instagram account.
  • If you have entered the main menu, then press the IGTV button that is already available on the main page.
  • When a new option appears, just go to the “Settings” sub menu and continue the process by pressing the “Create Channel” option.
  • If so, the user can immediately press the button with the personal profile photo logo.
  • Then continue the process by pressing the “Upload Video” button. Just select the video you want to upload on IGTV.
  • In the next section, users can make settings to select the appropriate thumbnail. also fill in the desired title along with other information. 
  • Finally, press the “Send” button that has been provided and wait for the process to complete.

Until this process, the IGTV has been successfully created and uploaded. However, the follow-up process will not stop at this group. To appear Swipe Up, the user must continue another process that can bring up the feature properly.

Share IGTC on Instagram Story

As previously stated in the above point, how to make Swipe Up on Instagram without 10K will be divided into two parts. The first part of the group has been completed until the process of uploading videos on IGTV. Then for the second part, users have to share the video.

To share it, users must take advantage of Instagram Stories that have been provided by the service. The method or method itself will also not be too difficult and much easier than this first process. For more details, see the following details:

  • Just like before, the most basic step is to log into private Instagram.
  • Then, the next process that can be done is to open IGTV to view the uploaded video.
  • After the video appears, there will be some advanced buttons at the bottom. To share the video, the user only has to press the “Share” button with the paper ship logo.
  • Then select the “Add to Your Story” option to continue the process.
  • Later, the video will appear on a personal Instagram Story with the “Click Here to Visit My Site” button at the top. If a display like this appears, then the process is complete.

If the Swipe Up feature will display the writing at the bottom, then this method will be different. It says “Click Here to Visit My Site” and it’s at the top. Although the description is different, this button will actually be the same as the Swipe Up button.

Thus, users can use features with the same concept and purpose even if they don’t have 10K followers. This process will be appropriate to implement while waiting for the number of followers to increase to 10K and until the Swipe Up feature can be used.

Advantages of the Swipe Up Feature

Although this feature is very common, in fact there are still many who do not understand the benefits of using the Swipe Up feature. In fact, this one feature will be very functional and useful for many parties who are selling or promoting their products or services.

With the Swipe Up, it is easier for every user to go to the site owned by the seller on Instagram. Therefore, this feature will be very useful and important. So if there is still a chance, immediately take advantage of this one service and feature.

That’s an explanation of how to make Swipe Up on Instagram without 10K without having to offer the cost aspect or complicated details. Not only that, information about the benefits of using swipe up has also been given. Thus, all this information will be very useful to understand.